Why is chronic pelvic inflammatory disease still not cured after several years of treatment? Or these 5 factors are at play

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease not only causes abdominal pain, low back pain, abnormal secretions and other uncomfortable symptoms, but also increases the risk of infertility or ectopic pregnancy, seriously affecting women’s health.

Moreover, many patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease will relapse and have not been cured after several years of treatment, which brings great troubles to women.

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease cannot be cured for a long time, or these 5 factors are at work

1. No standardized treatment

Many people think that pelvic inflammatory disease is common For gynecological inflammation, just buy some medicine to reduce inflammation.

But in fact, there are many causes of pelvic inflammatory disease, and the individual differences are large. There is no effective drug treatment. It is necessary to check and treat each person according to the situation. Otherwise the effect is not ideal.

So pelvic inflammatory disease must be treated individually in a regular hospital, and it must be treated according to the doctor’s advice. You can’t stop taking the medicine when you feel that your symptoms are getting better.

2. No review

< p data-track="9">Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is actually a very big concept. It is a group of infectious diseases, including endometrium, fallopian tube, pelvic peritoneum, ovary, etc. This inflammation may have only one part, or there may be Several parts, some parts have obvious symptoms, and some parts have no obvious symptoms.

So you can’t judge whether the condition is getting better by the symptoms. After the treatment, you must review it to make sure that it has been cured. Otherwise, the inflammation will not be completely eliminated and will spread again to other parts, resulting in repeated.

3. Low immunity

Although women’s private parts have a self-defense barrier, generally germs will not invade the body, so gynecological inflammation will not easily occur.

However, if the immunity is low, the self-defense system will decline, and external germs will invade the body, which will lead to gynecological inflammation. Of course, pelvic inflammatory disease cannot be ruled out possible.

So usually pay attention to balanced nutrition, exercise more, work and rest on time, and maintain a good mood to improve immunity.

4. Bad living habits

< p data-track="16">Improper use of sanitary napkins during menstruation, long-term use of panty liners, infrequent change of underwear, frequent wearing of tight clothes, intercourse during menstruation, excessive cleaning, unclean sex life and other bad living habits will also increase the risk of pelvic pain. Increased risk of recurrent chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

So you must get rid of these bad living habits and pay attention to health care.

5. Cross-infection

There are many bacteria that cause chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, especially those caused by N. gonorrhoeae or Chlamydia trachomatis infection Pelvic inflammatory disease, because men generally have no symptoms, if the man does not undergo examination and treatment, cross-infection will occur during sexual intercourse, causing women to have pelvic inflammatory disease again.

So if it is If it is found that the pelvic inflammatory disease caused by these two kinds of bacterial infection has sex, the man must also undergo examination and treatment at the same time.

The reason why chronic pelvic inflammatory disease recurs and cannot be cured after several years of treatment has a lot to do with treatment and daily care, so these adverse factors must be avoided when pelvic inflammatory disease occurs.

In addition, women who often have vaginitis or women who have unclean sex life should undergo screening for N. gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis once a year to detect problems in time Treat to avoid developing chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.


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