too fast! Oil price will change again

Good news! Oil prices continue to plummet, and it is predicted that the decline per liter will gradually approach 30 cents! International oil prices have fallen sharply recently, and U.S. oil has fallen to $77.94 a barrel, a drop of 3.72% on the 23rd. The 23rd round of domestic oil price adjustment time is at 24:00 on December 5th!

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November 24, the third working day of the current round of oil price pricing statistics cycle, the current The change rate of crude oil is -6.92%, and the cumulative decline of gasoline and diesel is predicted to be 335 yuan/ton, which translates to a reduction of 0.26-0.29 yuan per liter of oil price.

The oil price adjustment time is: 24:00 on December 5, 2022.

Continue to drop! drop! drop! ↓↓

(FM93 traffic voice comprehensive oil price inquiry today)