Chinese toon is harvesting, and the color of “toon” is strong in winter

News from CCTV: Recently, in Wenshan and Honghe prefectures in Yunnan, Chinese toon ushered in a harvest period.

Walking into Longlin Village, Malipo County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan, the toon growing all over the mountains and plains is good, Workers are busy harvesting. Relying on the advantages of rich water sources, fertile soil, and suitable climate, the local area has successively transferred more than 40 mu of land to develop Chinese toon planting, and provided farmers with “one-stop” services for seedling cultivation and toon bud purchase.

Currently, 11 villages and towns in Malipo County plant more than 5,000 acres of Chinese toon, with an annual output value of 40 million yuan .

In Longwu Town, Shiping County, Honghe Prefecture, the toon here also ushered in a new harvest Dial the picking period. In the more than 700 acres of toon field, the tender toon buds are red and purple. After the picked Chinese toon buds are packaged, they are shipped to other places by shipping. At present, the Chinese toon grown locally can be picked until next April. Driven by the enterprise, many villagers joined the ranks of planting Chinese toon. This year Longwu Town is expected to produce 70,000 kilograms with an output value of 2.8 million yuan.

Source: CCTV