my country’s first collection-type unmanned underwater vehicle: HS-880-6000 underwater vehicle

Compared with drones and unmanned vehicles, which are relatively familiar to the public, unmanned ships and unmanned underwater vehicles are slightly less well-known, but the related equipment exhibited at this year’s Zhuhai Air Show in China have a fairly high level.

AUV is called Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV for short), autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is an underwater unmanned vehicle (UUV) ) of a kind. After years of hard work, although the previous domestic AUV research has made great progress, there are still problems such as poor reliability and low intelligence level, and it is difficult to cope with complex seabed environments.

HS-880-6000 underwater vehicle at the air show< /strong>

In order to solve the above key problems, China is committed to developing a new generation of AUV systems with data-driven capabilities for long-range deep-sea observation missions. On the basis of combining the precise positioning and high-performance motion control of the independent Beidou navigation system, according to the requirements of AUV survey tasks, through the rapid analysis of the key features of massive high-dimensional observation data, the AUV system is endowed with intelligent decision-making capabilities for navigation paths, which is extremely Greatly improved the quality and efficiency of marine survey mission implementation.

AUV is a new type of underwater unmanned platform, which can carry a variety of sensors and mission modules, and has autonomy, concealment, environmental adaptability, deployability and high cost-efficiency Etc. Since the 21st century, AUV has developed rapidly and has been widely used in civil, military and commercial fields. The civilian field is playing an increasingly important role in seabed exploration, underwater rescue, seabed salvage, marine scientific research, etc. The military field can be used for underwater submarine warfare and anti-submarine warfare, anti-mine warfare, marine reconnaissance and surveillance, and intelligence collection , information communication, target attack, etc., have greatly expanded the combat space of surface and underwater combat systems, and are the underwater combat equipment that major naval countries in the world focus on developing.

Schematic diagram of unmanned aerial vehicles

< p data-track="7">HS-880-6000 autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is the first domestic collection unmanned underwater vehicle. Its maximum working depth is 6,000 meters, and it can sail continuously for 24 hours at a speed of 3 knots. With the characteristics of wide range, large load capacity, long endurance, and strong search and detection capabilities, it can fully autonomously search, detect, and locate deep-sea targets, and perform deep-sea underwater target search and detection and marine scientific research tasks.

Unmanned underwater vehicle field test map

In the civilian market, in the next five years, the annual demand for AUVs is expected to increase by 5-10 times, focusing on marine fisheries, port security, unattended offshore energy facilities, and marine engineering services , Ocean Observation Network, etc. In terms of the military market, with the establishment of a new combat mode, AUV may develop explosively. In the future, maritime warfare will gradually become unmanned. Various marine robot weapon systems will be equipped with a large number of equipment. Whoever has an advanced technology platform will win the first prize. machine.

Performance optimization, function improvement and module intelligence are the main development directions of AUV. Highly intelligent AUVs can complete more complex tasks, have a wider range of operations and higher task reliability. The HS-880-6000 autonomous underwater vehicle is the first domestically-made collection drone submersible. On the journey of exploring the sea of ​​stars, China’s deep dive will never stop.

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