Tofu, is the “catalyst” of kidney disease? Doctor’s warning: 4 things, quit as soon as possible

In real life, many people are very concerned about the health of the kidneys, but when some people go to the hospital for physical examination, they are told that they have kidney disease.

Kidney function problems will cause harmful waste and garbage toxins in the body to fail to be metabolized and excreted from the body. It may also affect the condition of the body.

What are the manifestations of impaired kidney function?

  • Abnormal urine status

Because the kidney is an organ that filters urine, if there is a problem with kidney function, it is likely to affect the state of urine. On the premise of good health, The urine is clear and transparent, and the first time you go to the toilet when you get up in the morning will cause light yellow urine.

But if you find that your urine is thick yellow and has a strong odor, it is very It may indicate that the kidney function is abnormal, and it is recommended to check as soon as possible.

  • Decreased physical vitality

In general, male body It is more energetic than women’s bodies, because men have powerful kidneys, so the kidneys are directly related to people’s energy and vitality.

Whether male or female, if you find that your body’s vitality has dropped significantly within a period of time, you should also pay more attention. Because this is likely to indicate that there is a problem with kidney function.

  • Back pain

The kidneys are located on both sides of the waist, one on the left and one on the left , so when there is a problem with kidney function, it will inevitably involve the surrounding nerves and tissues, resulting in back pain.

But in general, people tend to regard this situation as a lumbar disease, so if you feel backache If the back pain persists, in addition to paying attention to lumbar diseases, it is best to go to the hospital for a kidney check.

In terms of diet, some people have heard of tofu It is a catalyst for kidney disease. Will eating tofu really make kidney disease worse? Let’s take a look together below.

Is tofu a “catalyst” for kidney disease?

Tofu is made by soaking and grinding soybeans. As a kind of soybean product, it contains relatively rich nutrients andThe value is relatively high, and people like it.

In fact, eating tofu in moderation in daily life can bring many benefits to the body, so people are happy Among them, the reason why we will hurt the kidneys is mainly related to the ingredients of tofu.

It has been found that soybeans contain a large amount of After processing into tofu, there are also a lot of purine substances. Excessive intake of purine will induce high uric acid, and the metabolism of uric acid mainly depends on the kidneys, so there are also concerns about harming your health.

I have to admit that tofu does contain certain purine substances, and high uric acid will also affect the function of the kidneys Normal function, but this does not mean that eating tofu will definitely harm the kidneys.

Because it is processed into tofu After that, the purine content in it decreased significantly, and the uric acid in the body itself can be smoothly metabolized and excreted.

So eating some tofu in daily life will not cause too much damage to the kidneys, of course the premise is under controlled intake.

Doctor warning: 4 things, quit as soon as possible

–spicy food

People can’t put it down to some spicy and stimulating food in life. It is easy to damage the stomach, and it will also affect the normal function of the kidneys, so people with poor kidneys must take the initiative to stay away from spicy food.

–High protein food

Protein This is an indispensable substance for the functioning of the body. Sufficient protein can be converted into energy to maintain the normal operation of the functions of various parts, but if the protein If there is a lot of hyperplasia, it is easy to increase the weight of the kidneys, because protein metabolites need to be catabolized and excreted by the kidneys.

– – High-salt food

If there is no salt when cooking, the food will be eaten It sounds dull, but too much salt intake will not only damage the blood vessels but also the kidneys, because the sodium element in nephritis mainly depends on the kidneys to decompose and metabolize factors, which can easily affect the normal function of the kidneys.

–foods containing alcohol< /p>

I believe everyone should have heard the saying that drinking alcohol can damage the liver. Frequent exposure to alcohol may not only damage the liver, but also affect other body parts Internal organs, such as the kidneys, so people with poor kidney function, I hope you can get rid of the habit of drinking as soon as possible, and you should also stay away from foods containing alcohol.

Extension——What are the benefits of eating tofu?

Calcium supplementation:

Calcium is an indispensable nutrient for the functioning of our body. The calcium content in tofu is relatively rich, and it is easier to be absorbed and utilized by the body, so if you are worried about the lack of In terms of calcium, you can consider eating some tofu in your daily life, which may achieve the expected nourishing effect. I hope you don’t resist it too much.

Beauty and beauty:

Beauty is the world of women. Many female friends have put in a lot of effort to become beautiful in daily life, but in the end they found that the effect is negligible. If you want If you have perfect skin condition and appearance, you can also consider eating some tofu in moderation, which can nourish the skin.

Caring for cardiovascular :

After some special substances in tofu enter the body, they can help protect the cardiovascular system and relieve Cardiovascular burden is helpful for maintaining cardiovascular health, so those with poor cardiovascular function can also consider eating some tofu.

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