The “Purine King” in vegetables is revealed, and the doctor reminds: to stabilize uric acid, eat 4 vegetables less

Nowadays our living standard has obviously improved, but there are more and more diseases, such as the three high diseases, but now except for the three high , the fourth highest also commonly appears in our daily life, that is high uric acid.

Because people don’t know much about high uric acid, so even if there is an increase in uric acid I will not pay special attention and attention, but will choose to let it develop.

uric acid What harm will it cause?

  • Induces gout

The most direct result of the continuous increase of uric acid in the body is the induction of gout, because the high concentration of uric acid will precipitate these small crystals of urate crystals. Gout in the joints.

People who have had gout should know better. When gout attacks, it will be accompanied by unbearable pain and suffering It will also affect the normal life, so the occurrence of high uric acid must be controlled in time.

  • Causes tophi

Gout is worse than gout , if gout is just small particles of urate crystals deposited in key parts, then tophi means that urate crystals in the joints form stones.

This will not only affect the normal life of the patient, but also cause the patient to bear greater pain. Reduce the flexibility of the joints. Generally, if the tophi is relatively large, the doctor will also recommend surgery.

  • Damage to the kidneys

Excess uric acid in the body mainly depends on the kidneys to produce urine The form of uric acid is metabolized and excreted from the body, so the status of uric acid is also closely related to kidney health.

If the uric acid in the body continues to rise, it will inevitably cause the kidneys to be in a state of overload and affect the function of the kidneys normal function, and even increase the risk of disease.

Usually cause The cause of elevated uric acid is related to diet. If you do not pay attention to diet, it will cause purine to enter the body.

The following foods are typical high-purine foods

Animal viscera:

There are many types of animal offal, such as pig liver, pig heart, pig large intestine, chicken gizzard, duck liver, etc. These foods may taste very delicious, but the The purine content is very high, so if you often eat animal offal, it is easy to cause uric acid to get out of control, I hope you can control it.

Seafood :

Seafood has high nutritional value and delicious taste, and is also loved by people, but Most seafood is almost a typical high-purine food, because the purine content in seafood is relatively high. If you eat it often in daily life, it may also affect the level of uric acid. I hope you can take it correctly.


People think broth has high nutritional value, drinking broth in moderation can allow the body to obtain nutrients, but the content of purine in broth is relatively high, most meat Almost all foods contain purines, and purines are easily soluble in water, so there are more purines in broth. If you drink broth frequently, it will also cause uric acid to get out of control.

See here people found that caused The foods that increase uric acid are some meat dishes. If you eat less meat dishes and more vegetarian dishes, you should be able to control uric acid. In fact, not all vegetarian dishes are safe. The following ingredients may also increase uric acid.

The “Purine King” in vegetables is revealed, the doctor reminds: stabilize uric acid, eat less 4 dishes


As a seafood, seaweed is loved by people. After it is made into seaweed egg drop soup, it can satisfy people’s appetite and at the same time allow the body to obtain more comprehensive nutrients. But The purine content in seaweed is relatively high, so if you often eat seaweed in daily life, it may cause uric acid to get out of control.

【Soy products 】

Soy products are made from soybeans after soaking and grinding. It contains a certain amount of purine substances, and the purine substances have not been reduced after being processed into soy products, so if you often eat soy products in daily life, it may also affect the level of uric acid, I hope you can be merciful.

【Mushroom Vegetables】< /p>

Mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, Pleurotus eryngii, etc. are mushroom vegetables. These foods taste good and have nutritional value High, eating a little bit often in daily life can bring many benefits to the body. The purine content in mushroom vegetables is very high. If you eat it often in daily life, it is easy to cause uric acid to get out of control.


Asparagus is a kind of vegetable that southerners love to eat. It looks crisp and refreshing, and can also satisfy people’s appetite. The cellulose in asparagus can help promote digestion and absorption, but the content of purine in the long-winded ones is also relatively high. Therefore, if the uric acid is not out of control, asparagus should also be eaten less or do not eat.

Can high uric acid be cured?

The consequences of continuous deterioration of high uric acid are very dangerous, so people will actively treat it, but can high uric acid really be cured?

As a chronic metabolic disease, high uric acid can be controlled and stabilized through a series of treatments , but cannot be completely cured.

That is to say, persistence is the most critical thing in the process of treating high uric acid. Many people no longer insist on treatment for a period of time, and uric acid is out of control again.

So if you can persist, take medicine on time as prescribed by the doctor, and actively adjust and improve your life and diet, It may be more able to control uric acid, in fact, this is equivalent to the “radical cure” of high uric acid.

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