If a man goes to the toilet “for the first time” in the morning, if there are no 4 abnormalities, it means that the kidneys are still strong

The kidney is the most important organ in the urinary system, with excretory and endocrine functions.

The basic function of the kidney is to produce urine. It is recommended to remove metabolites and certain waste toxins in the body. Then retain water and other useful qualities through the reabsorption function to maintain the body’s electrolyte balance and acid-base balance.

The kidneys have secretory function and can produce renin, erythropoietin, and active vitamin D3 , prostaglandin kinin, etc., and is the degradation site of some endocrine hormones in the body and the target organ of extrarenal hormones.

However, the incidence of chronic kidney disease in my country is very high now.The incidence of chronic kidney disease in adults is 10.8%, and the total number of patients has reached 120 million, which is an average of every 10 adults Among them is a patient with kidney disease, but the awareness rate of kidney disease is very low, only 12.5%.

Kidney disease in children should not be ignored,Some The cause of kidney disease in adults is often in childhood. Kidney disease in children should be highly vigilant, so as to reduce the incidence of chronic kidney disease in adults, and children should not take toxic drugs without authorization Medicines for kidney damage.

But the kidneys are inside my skin, many people don’t know how to judge the health of the kidneys. From the first urination, you can judge the health problems of the kidneys.


Urine is a healthy “signal light”

Urinating is our normal physiological activity. Urine contains some toxins and garbage. Urinating can help excrete these toxins and garbage from the body.The kidney is the main place for urine production. The state of passing urine is certain Can judge the health of the kidney to a certain extent.

When we urinate, we must pay attention to observe our own urine, such as the color of the urine, the texture of the urine Odor and frequency and volume of urination.

If there is any abnormality or abnormalities such as foamy urine, hematuria, etc., you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible.


Men go to the toilet for the first time in the morning, if there are no 4 abnormalities, it means that the kidneys are still strong

1. Foamy urine in the morning

General For example, the first urine we get up early can reflect the health of the kidneys to a certain extent. The color of our urine should be colorless, transparent or yellowish, but not particularly yellow. Of course, because we didn’t drink water all night, the urine in the morning may turn yellow, but if we can get relief after drinking water, we don’t have to be too nervous.

If we urinate urgently, there will be foam in the urine, but this foam will generally dissipate in a short time, if Difficult to dissipate within a short period of time, or there are problems with kidney metabolism and protein, resulting in proteinuria, especially the pungent smell. Everyone should be vigilant, if this does not happen to everyone , indicating that the kidneys are very healthy.

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2. Reduced urine output or no urine

Under normal circumstances, our kidneys have a filtering function to help filter out toxic and harmful substances in the blood. If there is a problem with the kidneys, the filtering function will be reduced, which will lead to urine output Reduced or even no urine.

If the total urine output in 24 hours is less than 400 ml, it is considered oliguria. If the volume is less than 100ml, it is considered anuria.

If we do not urinate all night, we will find that we have little urine after getting up in the morning If there is no urine or no urine, it is necessary to be highly vigilant. This may be an abnormality in the filtering function of the kidneys.

Especially if the urine cannot be discharged smoothly< strong>, and there is edema in the legs or eyelids, it is necessary to do a renal function test as soon as possible.

3. Hematuria

The kidney is like a “big sieve”, but the aperture of this sieve is relatively small, and large substances will not leak out, but if there is a problem with the kidney, the aperture of the sieve will become larger, which is some Substances that should not leak out leak out, and if hematuria occurs, it will be more serious.

Hematuria may be caused by abnormal bilirubin metabolism, which will cause red blood cells to enter the blood The excreted urine is red, which is probably related to liver abnormalities.

If there is hematuria in the first urine in the morning, everyone should go to the hospital for liver and kidney examination as soon as possible.

4. Urine smells very strong

After a night of metabolism, garbage and harmful substances will accumulate. If you find that the urine has an obvious ammonia smell when urinating, this is likely to be cystitis caused by urine retention in the body caused by.

If there is a foul smell in the urine, it may be caused by renal dysfunction. Everyone should be vigilant. Seek medical attention immediately if found.


To nourish the kidneys and protect the kidneys, you can eat more of these 4 kinds of food every day

1. Kale

Kale belongs to the cruciferous vegetable, cruciferous Vegetables of the family are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K. These substances are beneficial to kidney function. And the potassium content in these vegetables is relatively low, which can achieve the effect of nourishing and protecting the kidney.

The iron content in kale is relatively high, and it is also rich in beta carotene and calcium, which can achieve a good Kidney protection effect.

2. Taro

< span>Traditional Chinese medicine believes that taro is flat in nature, sweet and pungent, and can nourish qi and kidney, invigorate the spleen and stomach, break blood and dissipate stagnation. If kidney problems occur in normal times, you can eat more taro for auxiliary treatment. At the same time, it can also treat symptoms such as dry stool, goiter, and acute arthritis.

3, green onions

Scallions can help relax blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and have a good protective effect on cardiovascular.And the various vitamins in scallions can ensure the normal secretion of human hormones , For male friends, eating green onions three times a day can achieve the effect of nourishing and protecting the kidneys.

4. Red pepper

The key ingredient in red pepper, capsaicin helps to break down Garbage in the body, Red peppers can make the health of the kidneys more perfect. If you feel that red peppers are hotter, you can add sweet and sour food to help relieve the heat.