Today’s Health Recipe | Teach you to make two herbal tea recipes to prevent heatstroke

Recently, Guangdong has ushered in a sweltering heat and high temperature that has not been seen in many years. Professor Wu Wei, director of the Department of Internal Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, recommended two fresh herbal prescriptions for heatstroke prevention. [Hydraulic Herbal Tea Recipe] (for 4 or 5 persons)

Composition:30g of mulberry leaves, 30g of chrysanthemum, 30g of Prunella, and 20g of frangipani.

Practice:Put the above medicines into the pot. If there is no diabetic patient at home, add two candied dates Three pieces are fried together; if you have diabetes, you can add 1 carrot (150-200g) sliced ​​and fry together. Add water until 1-2cm submerged the medicinal materials, or add 2000-2500ml of water, simmer for 30-40 minutes, and turn off the heat when the aroma is strong. It can be re-fried. Substitute for tea.

Efficacy:Clearing away heat and removing heat, nourishing yin and promoting fluid.

Precautions:1. Those with spleen deficiency, it is recommended to drink warm; Warm drink, or cold drink, cold drink is better to quench thirst and promote body fluid. When you go to work or work, you can pack it in a thermos and drink it instead of tea. 2. Those with weak constitution or spleen deficiency and loose stools should not drink or drink less.

[Fresh Recipe for Heatstroke Prevention and Sheng Jin] (serving four or five people

Notes:1. In Lingnan area, the soil is low and the land is thin, the spleen and stomach are weak and popular, and the summer is hot, people have damp heat and depletion of yin and jin in the body. Medicines or ingredients have the effect of producing body fluid and quenching thirst. The elderly or those with stomach problems, cough and asthma, and cardiovascular diseases should drink it warmly; young people and those with strong constitution can drink it cold, or even put it in the refrigerator to keep it cold to relieve the heat. This recipe is especially It is suitable for smokers and alcoholics. It can be used instead of tea.2. If you have diabetes at home, do not add bamboo cane.3. For those with spleen and stomach deficiency, you can add 3 pieces of ginger , 3g of dried tangerine peel and 20g of jujube are fried together.

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