Retribution is coming, the epidemic in the United States has worsened again, and Biden’s nucleic acid is negative and positive again, and symptoms appear

Omicron variant BA.5 is raging in the United States. Yesterday, the number of confirmed diagnoses in the United States climbed to a recent high of 270,000, with 1,264 deaths. Many Western politicians were diagnosed with nucleic acid infections. US President Biden He had been diagnosed positive before, and after active treatment, he turned negative after taking special medicines, but turned positive again after the isolation was lifted, and cough symptoms began to appear in the past two days. Although other symptoms and signs are currently stable, the possibility of aggravation in the later period cannot be ruled out.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic 20 years ago, the United States has never seriously fought the epidemic. Not only has the number of confirmed cases hit record highs, but the death toll has reached an astonishing 1.05 million, equivalent to every 300 One individual American has died of the new crown infection, and their anti-epidemic measures so far have only left the new crown vaccine, and even the epidemic prevention measures such as wearing masks have been cancelled, which inevitably leads to a further increase in the number of infections. Not only ordinary people have been repeatedly infected with the new crown and suffered from long-term sequelae, but even American politicians have been infected. It has been 2 weeks since the positive nucleic acid confirmed the new crown infection on March 21, the nucleic acid is still positive, and the symptoms of coughing have begun to appear, and the symptoms may further aggravate at any time.

The new crown epidemic has brought many social problems to the United States. Some people in the United States try to transfer the contradictions between the United States and the United States to the outside world. In the end, they will only pull a stone and shoot themselves in the foot and become an international laughing stock.