To treat an enlarged prostate, surgery is like a lion fighting a mosquito

As the saying goes, “A living person cannot be suffocated by urine”. The matter of holding back urine is not necessarily fatal, but holding back to a certain extent is enough to make people feel unbearable. Therefore, some benign prostatic hyperplasia patients with urination dysfunction are forced to undergo surgery because of the unbearable pain of “holding back urine”. However, the end result is often not worth the gain!

“Mosquito” is too cunning, “Lion” is too cunning Impulsive!

In “Aesop’s Fables”, there is a story about “The Lion and the Mosquito”. Among them, there is such a plot:

A lion and a mosquito fight. A sly mosquito that bites the hairless areas around a lion’s nose. The impulsive lion roared and waved his claws to catch the mosquitoes. As a result, the mosquito did not catch it, but scratched his face with blood. Finally, in desperation, the lion had to beg the mosquito for a truce.

Actually, surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, to some extent, is exactly the same as “the lion beats the mosquito”.

We liken the root cause of BPH to a mosquito, BPH patients to a lion, and surgical treatment to a lion’s paw.

The “mosquito” (the root cause of benign prostatic hyperplasia) keeps harassing the “lion” (patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia), making the “lion” restless and restless (Causes urinary dysfunction). As a result, the “lion” summoned the “claws” (surgical treatment) to deal with the “mosquitoes”. However, because the “mosquito” is both slender and responsive, the big “claws” can’t catch it.

The final result, not only failed to get rid of the harassment of “mosquito”, but scratched his face (increased urinary incontinence and X risk of loss of function).

“The Lion Beats the Mosquito”, it is impulsive and the consequences are very serious!

From an anatomical point of view, any organ in the human body is extremely complex and sophisticated, and the prostate is no exception.

It is understood that a large number of capillaries and nerve tissue are crisscrossed and densely distributed on the prostate of men. The contraction and relaxation of the prostate and the transmission of sexual stimulation all depend on these nerve tissues.

As a traumatic treatment, surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia will directly cause damage to the nerve tissue of the prostate. Once the nerve tissue of the prostate is damaged, the following two situations often occur:

First, the systolic and diastolic function of the prostate decreases, especially the systolic function. The reduced contractile function of the prostate and the role of the “gateway” to curb the leakage of urine are bound to be affected, thereby increasing the risk of urinary incontinence in men.

Secondly, the prostate’s ability to feel and conduct X stimulation decreases. On the one hand, normal X excitement and X pleasure cannot be formed in the brain, and the This promotes the normal erection of YJ; on the other hand, it is impossible to lose the X excitement in the brain throughout the body to cause X orgasm. The final result must be the complete loss of X function!

In addition, surgical treatment, because there is no eradication of benign prostatic hyperplasia from the source Therefore, even if the symptoms of urinary dysfunction can be relieved in the short term, there is still a risk of recurrence of the disease in the long run.

Therefore, the surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, such as “the lion fighting the mosquito”, is often not worth the gain to some extent. !

To beat “mosquito”, it is better to use “claws” than “beats”

Surgical treatment does have a good short-term effect in terms of the relief of voiding dysfunction. How powerful the lion’s “claws” are, even if I don’t say it, male friends should be able to imagine it.

However, this kind of treatment method similar to “lion beats mosquito” has too many side effects and unsatisfactory long-term effect. It’s not an ideal treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia at all. Although drinking poison can quench thirst, the price to be paid for it is difficult for ordinary people to accept.

At present, Western medicine does not have a better treatment method. Traditional Chinese medicine has unique effects in the treatment of prostate problems. Some issues with the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

In clinical practice, TCM classifies BPH into six categories. The TCM classification of benign prostatic hyperplasia mainly includes the following contents: bladder heat accumulation syndrome: turbid blood stasis obstruction syndrome: spleen deficiency syndrome: yin deficiency and fire prosperous syndrome: lung qi stagnation syndrome: kidney yang deficiency syndrome.

Because most of the elderly patients suffer from deficiency of kidney qi and deficiency of yang qi, patients with both spleen and kidney deficiency are more common in clinical practice. , Buzhong Yiqi mainly, treatment requires syndrome differentiation, so prevention, I suggest that men over 40 years old, can eat a few boxes of Jinguishenqi pills every year, it has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on many problems.

Then how to prevent prostate problems, the first is exercise,Nowadays, people lack exercise. Sitting for a long time will cause the muscles of the lower body to be compressed for a long time, and the blood circulation will slow down, which will lead to problems with the blood circulation of the prostate, and even develop into prostatic hyperplasia. The reason is that you like to hold back your urine. The urine toxin bacteria in the bladder are more numerous and easy to breed, thereby infecting the prostate.

Except. Holding back urine for a long time can also cause an enlarged prostate, which in turn can increase difficulty urinating. The third is to drink more water. There are friends around me who can’t drink a glass of water a day. Water is the source of life. Every organ and every cell in our body contains a lot of water, and the metabolism of water plays an important role in the body. effect. Sweat and urine every day will remove some water and take away toxins in the body, so it is necessary to replenish water in time to promote water circulation. If you don’t drink water for a long time, the metabolic circulation of water will slow down, and the toxins in the body cannot be quickly excreted, which is prone to prostatic hyperplasia. There is also frequent overeating, fatty, spicy, tobacco and alcohol are the main culprits that lead to prostate problems.

Here I will give you a small recipe, you can use it, 10 grams of peach kernels and 20 grams of winter melon seeds, insist on using it for 15 days, do not eat radishes , broad beans, tobacco and alcohol.

If it leads to urinary retention and unfavorable, you can use 30 grams of alum, 15 grams of salt, 15 grams of light blue, smash and heat the lower abdomen, if frequent urination, enuresis use sulfur 30 grams of scallion white is smashed, hot compress on the lower abdomen, sulfur and scallion white can also be used for enuresis in children and other diseases caused by enuresis. My clinical application effect is good.