“Mobile gamers” are frequently excessive, and they are in poor condition at a young age. What should Chinese medicine do?

Young and middle-aged people are supposed to be vigorous, energetic, with inexhaustible energy, and inexhaustible energy. But some people are often mentally exhausted, dizzy, blurred vision, inability to concentrate, and poor memory. It’s not obvious on the surface, but I know how fake it is.

Tell me about a patient who has a deep impression on me recently

[Age] 28 years old

[Main symptoms] Dizziness, inattention, slow thinking, slow reaction;

afraid of cold and heat, poor sleep Poor energy, severe hair loss, sore waist, palpitation, shortness of breath, lack of confidence in speaking; , not confident;

depressed, timid, and afraid to make girlfriends.

[Past History] There is a long and frequent history of “mobile games”

[Differentiation] The essence is the injury. The kidney essence was lost, and then the heart was hurt. If it is too late, it will damage the kidney essence and liver blood, resulting in a deficiency of heart qi and blood, and finally the heart cannot dominate the mind.

[Treatment] Nourishes kidney essence and nourishes heart qi

[Prescription group] Coptis chinensis 20 grams, Scutellaria baicalensis 10 grams, Ejiao (Xianhua) 30 grams, 2 pieces of chicken yellow, 15 grams each of white peony root, gardenia, and golden cherry. Decoct other medicinal materials in water, stir well and drink with chicken yellow.

After taking 5 doses, the patient returned to the clinic and reported that his heart was slightly clean, his sleep was getting better, and his palms were no longer hot. The original prescription was instructed to continue taking it. After 20 doses, all the evidences became stable and life returned to normal. The patient stated that he never seemed to be so relaxed. The feeling of overthinking and desire in my mind is gone, and there are no longer so many messy thoughts. In short, it is “freed”.

In fact, this recipe is the Huanglian Ejiao Decoction in Zhang Zhongjing’s Treatise on Febrile Diseases.

The basic components of this recipe are Coptis chinensis, Scutellaria baicalensis, Shaoyao, Jizihuang, and Ejiao. Fang Zhong, Huang Lian and Huang Qin are responsible for clearing the heart fire.

Ejiao and Shaoyao are responsible for nourishing the yin of liver and kidney.

Chicken yellow can clear the mind and calm the nerves on the top, and nourish the kidney yin from the bottom. It is a commonly used formula for the treatment of heart fire, kidney yin deficiency, and heart and kidney discord. The main purpose is to help the patient “purify his mind and desires”. In the past, it has been used repeatedly for the treatment of people with strong sexual desire and physical injuries.

[Reminder] Too much is too much, and proper relaxation is actually beneficial to the body and mind. It is worth noting that you should not overdo it, pay attention to hygiene, and have a good environment.