Life is sentimental, life is not monotonous

Life should be full of life, but also serious and lively. That is to say, there must be sentiment, but not too monotonous; it is necessary to adjust everything, but not too low-key. So life is not easy.

First, life is emotional

To be emotional is to have a taste. Don’t stick to eating, drinking and sleeping every day, but to fill life with a certain color. Compared with mountain climbing, fitness and dancing, participating in activities, playing poker, playing mahjong, and shopping in the streets, take a certain amount of time every year to travel, look at the external beauty, appreciate foreign customs, and so on. Let your life be full of fun, joy and excitement.

Second, life is not monotonous

Nowadays, many people pay attention to the diversity of life, not just at home for a day Three meals, but go out. For example, go to other restaurants for dinner and enjoy the feeling of being served. I heard that there are delicious and fun things, go with a family or a few good playmates to try dishes, try new things, and find yourself. And the colorful nightlife, we should also create opportunities to feel it, such as barbecue, hot pot, cooking, self-service, frying, etc., we must taste and taste, so that life can really come alive.

Third, be low-key

Being low-key is a virtue, don’t be in the limelight, let alone steal the limelight. As the saying goes, “the gun hits the first bird”. Even if you have made achievements, you should keep a low profile, and if you haven’t made great achievements, you should keep a low profile. Don’t give people the impression that you are babbling all day long, don’t know your surname, don’t have a formality, brag about yourself, don’t know how high you are. Otherwise, “spittle Xingzi bites people to death”, it’s not a good thing for you.

Fourth, to do things in tune

The so-called tune is to be consistent, have a beginning and an end, and be calm and generous. You must look at all directions and listen to all directions, find out new situations and new problems that may arise in the process of doing things in time, solve those that you can solve by yourself, and report those that cannot be solved step by step. Otherwise, once an accident occurs, it is really “unable to eat and walk around”. Be good at learning, learn with an open mind, strive to become a studious and motivated person, and leave a good impression on colleagues around you, which will be of great benefit to your own growth.