The coach of the World Cup Saudi Arabia team is actually “Made in Shanghai”!

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The Qatar World Cup was held

In Messi’s much-anticipated debut< /p>

The Argentine team, which was regarded as the favorite to win the championship before the game


was reversed by the Saudi team!


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upset! It’s so cold!

This is how the first Asian team won

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How cold is this unpopularity?

Saudi Arabia, ranked 51st by FIFA; Argentina, ranked 3rd. In previous World Cups, the performance of the Saudi team was relatively dismal. The best result was the 1994 US World Cup breaking into the top 16. But this time, Saudi made a stand! After the hosts Qatar and Asia’s No. 1 Iran lost, as the third Asian team to debut, it finally brought a surprise.

This game will definitely rank among the biggest upsets in the history of the World Cup. Like:

< span>In 1950, the United States defeated England 1-0;

In 1966, North Korea defeated Italy 1-0;

In 1990, Cameroon defeated Argentina 1-0;

< em>In 1994, Bulgaria defeated Germany 2:1;

In 2002, Senegal beat France 1-0…

Saudi players in the locker room after the game

Climb the table and dance

Carnival sprinkling celebration

In front of TV Saudi fans


Removed the door of my house

The Saudi government even issued a ecstasy: “Tomorrow (Wednesday) local time, all of Saudi Arabia will All public and private sector employees and students across the country are on holiday to celebrate Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina. ”

In this game, the Saudi team was able to reverse and beat the mighty Argentina team. Their performances are inseparable, and at the same time, they cannot be separated from Hervé Renard who is coaching on the sidelines. Facing the rival Argentina, Renard’s technical and tactical arrangements have become an important force for the team to win.

The most impressive thing about this game is Renard’s offside tactics. The Argentine team had a total of 10 offsides throughout the game, of which they had 3 goals disallowed for offsides in the first half. According to the statistics of OPTA, there were 10 offsides in a single game, which is the highest number of offsides in a single game in the World Cup since the launch of VAR in the 2018 World Cup, twice that of the second place.

Many people did not expect that such a magical coach, after retiring, Renard had a period of time Chinese coaching experience, served as an assistant coach in the Shanghai COSCO team. At the end of 2001, the COSCO team signed a contract with the French coach Leroy, and the assistant brought by the old man was compatriot Ivy, Ivy Renard.

Renal appeared in the World Cup

At that time, Renard was only in his early 30s and had just transformed from a player to a coach. “Strictly speaking, he is not an assistant coach. Of course, he is not bad as a physical coach.” Li Yan played for the COSCO team at that time. This retired player has better physical fitness than most of the current COSCO players. “We were in winter training in Hainan, and every morning we ran more than 10,000 meters on the beach or on the golf course. Ai Wei took us to run. No one in the team A few people can run past him.”

Jia Chunhua, the goalkeeper coach at the time, said: “I remember that he The figure requirements are very high, and food that affects the figure is not eaten. Ivy is not a very talkative personality, but he is a bit cool. He liked to wear shirts at that time, and he had medium-length hair, which fascinated him a lot people.”

< span>Lenard is in great shape

The handsome guy is now a handsome uncle. From Shanghai to the world, Renard has attracted countless fans. The British “Daily Mail” wrote a report after the Morocco team was about to be eliminated from the World Cup group stage in 2018: “Despite the heartbreak of the Morocco team because of the loss, all eyes are on the 49-year-old Renard. Captivated fans think he resembles a Lannister from the internet drama Game of Thrones, or a Disney prince.”

Unwilling to be a physical coach

Obviously you can rely on your face to make a living, but you just want to make a breakthrough in business. The important thing about Renard’s coaching career It started in Shanghai.

Lenard is not content to be a fitness coach, he is a very A person who loves to learn, he eagerly learns skills and tactics beside his compatriot Leroy, and the COSCO team gave him the best practice opportunities. Li Yan said that later, Renard gradually transformed from a physical coach, and the head coach also gave him the greatest trust and support, “Many times, after Leroy formulated techniques and tactics, it was Ivey who took us to practice in detail. .For a player who has just transformed into a coach, such an opportunity to exercise is of course very rare. I think Ivey’s ability to step onto the stage of the World Cup is inseparable from his training in Shanghai more than ten years ago.”

Renal is deeply loved by the players

Jia Chunhua’s point of view is exactly the same as that of Li Yan. “Ivy is a very thoughtful person. He will set long-term goals in everything he does, so it is normal to be able to get to where he is today. He was able to lead by example in everything he did at the time, and he was also very good at thinking. I thought he was A piece of material to be a coach, such a person will make a career no matter which team he goes to.” Renard stayed in Shanghai with Leroy for more than a year, and this is also a year he has gained a lot . “For a young coach, it is not easy to have a good coaching opportunity, and Shanghai COSCO gave Ivey this opportunity.” Li Yan said, “At that time, there were two strong teams in Shanghai, COSCO and Shenhua, and the level of Shanghai football was in the middle. It is quite high in China. It can be said that Ivey has accumulated a lot of coaching experience in Shanghai, which also laid a good foundation for his success in coaching later.”

Lenard often wears a white shirt to direct games

Wander the world with true ability

Leaving Shanghai, Renard Started a wandering life. He first went to the Vietnam League to coach, and then returned to France to coach the low-level team Cherbourg in 2005. In 2008, under the recommendation of his mentor Leroy, Renard went to Africa to coach the Zambian national team. Renard’s most glorious achievement was the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations. At that time, he wore the same white shirt in each of the six games and led his team to beat Côte d’Ivoire on penalties in the final to win the championship, creating the biggest upset in the 55-year history of the Africa Cup of Nations.

Lenard was in the limelight all of a sudden. In February 2016, Renard accepted the job invitation of the Moroccan national team and returned to Africa to coach. Strange to say, after returning to Africa, Renard went smoothly. He led the team from a very difficult group to beat Côte d’Ivoire to qualify for the 2018 World Cup finals. In July 2019, Renard coached the Saudi Arabian national team and led the team to qualify for the top 12 in the Asian region of the World Preliminaries with the first place in the group and qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In the World Cup group match, the Saudi team led by Renard beat Argentina 2:1.

We expect that this “most handsome coach” who has ever worked in Shanghai can lead the Saudi Arabia A dark horse, go further in this World Cup.