When you are old, when you meet someone who makes you angry, you should deal with it like this

Author: Wen Qiusheng

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01. Introduction

In life, the difficulties encountered will be Like the pebbles in the river, the number is innumerable. If you are blindly entangled, you will not see the fish in the river and the beautiful scenery on the river bank.

Aesop said: “One needs to be gentle and not to be overly angry, for from anger often comes great disaster to the irritable .”

To get along with others, we need to know how to protect ourselves first, and everything else will be trivial.

When you meet someone who makes you angry, don’t argue or argue, just keep a calm heart. True or false, right or wrong, love or hate, you have your own judgment.

In everything, don’t worry, with a smile on your face, and a group of peace, it will be easier to solve the problem.

When you get old, get along with others, and when you meet someone who makes you angry, deal with it like this.

02. Choose distance and keep calm

On the road of life, although we have lost a lot of choices at the fork in our lives, we still have many choices to fulfill ourselves.

For example: when communicating, facing people who always make us angry, we can choose to distance ourselves.

People have different insights, and they will have different choices for one thing. So, when you meet someone who pissed you off, don’t get mad at it.

Everyone has their own way of living and a different way of life.

When you get angry, keep calm and don’t pester it. Choose to distance yourself and live your own life.

When angry, Jefferson once gave a good way to deal with it:

“When angry , count to ten before you speak, and if you are very angry, count to one hundred.”

If others have some negative eyes on you, don’t Rushing to deny myself. Instead, you should affirm yourself from the bottom of your heart and minimize its influence.

Choose alienation, and then move forward with like-minded people. In the future, there will be many lights and hopes.

03. Be yourself and improve yourself

Get along with people, don’t force others to agree with your point of view. You can stand up for your own opinions, but also defend the right of others to express what they think.

Li Jin wrote in “Being angry is worse than fighting for one’s spirit”: “Stupid people only get angry, but smart people know how to fight for it. It is better to be angry than to be angry. ”

When we plug ourselves in and live seriously, our sense of worth increases. Also because of our own different advantages, let us become more and more different.

Others’ attitudes and evaluations will change with your achievements, and let them change willingly.

In old age, try to improve yourself and make yourself more shining, and you don’t have to keep emphasizing it to people who don’t care about you.

When people get along with each other, conflicts arise. Instead of arguing with them, you can make others really admire you.

When others make you angry, please learn to be yourself, learn to improve yourself, and use your own success and glory to truly shut down those who hurt you and anger you mouth.

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04. People who don’t understand you don’t need to be friends

In this world, those The person who really annoys you doesn’t think on the same channel as you, he doesn’t understand you, and he doesn’t understand your life decisions.

The relationship between people Time and in-depth communication will help you understand whether the values ​​​​between each other are consistent.

When you are in your later years, selectively counting your circle of friends will make you later The quality of life in half a lifetime is getting higher and higher.

Get along with others, stand in two camps with each other, and don’t have to argue with them. Do what you do well and use facts Talk.

Different people choose different paths of life and pursue what they think is a happy life, which constitutes the world.

People who don’t understand you, if they keep denying your life and your choices, will make you fall into negative energy in your later years. Be with people who don’t understand you , will only continue to consume yourself.

In your later years, when you meet someone who often makes you angry, don’t be angry, but live your own life. There are many people around you who understand you , People who cherish you need you to accompany them.

05, Wen Qiusheng’s Message

Life is all about Like a movie, if you want your life to be more exciting, you need to add happiness and joy yourself.

In old age, people plant flowers and plants when they are free, read books when they are bored, and go out for a walk when they are interested. There are many things worth exploring in life, so why bother Some people who are not worth it just add to the troubles.

Mr. Yang Jiang wrote: “I don’t fight with anyone, and I don’t even bother to fight with anyone.”

Being angry can’t change the result, it’s better to just laugh it off.

Being angry will consume your body. When you get old, the most important thing you should pay attention to is your own health.

Imanuel Kant said: “To be angry is to punish oneself with the mistakes of others.”

There is no need to be serious with someone who is too stubborn. The most important thing for a person should be his body. Instead of being angry, be kind to yourself and love how you behave.

In old age, instead of being angry, it is better to live your own life, strengthen yourself, and live your own splendor.


About the author: Wen Qiusheng lives on words. The autumn wind boils the rain, a glass of sake, two or three stories, and I will be with you on the lonely road.