Thyroid nodules originate from qi stagnation and blood stasis! An ancient prescription, clearing away heat and removing blood stasis, cleverly resolving

Today, I will talk to you about the treatment of thyroid nodules—qi stagnation and blood stasis.

“As long as the nodules grow on the body, it is really a time bomb, maybe something will happen to you”


How does Chinese medicine treat these bumps on the body? Most of them are methods for resolving phlegm, softening and resolving hard masses.

——And today I talked to you about another cause of nodules, Qi stagnation and blood stasis.

Ms. Chen is a teacher. She is 42 years old. In the past ten years of teaching, she has fallen into a problem—hoarse voice. She didn’t care about it at first, but the situation became serious later— — Pronunciation is a problem.

Thyroid nodules and vocal cord nodules were found during the investigation, but the situation affected my work, so I just need to seek medical treatment.

At that time, she said: Teacher, there is no one who doesn’t talk, doctor, the nodules are not easy to get rid of, but can my voice be saved?

After understanding the situation, I replied: Your tongue is red and there are small bruises Point, the pulse condition is skewed, which means that you have blood stasis and heat in your body.

At that time: safflower, peach kernel, raw land, bellflower, angelica, crocus, Bupleurum, aurantium, red peony, licorice, digupi, mulberry, pregnant with achyranthes.

As a result, after two weeks, she was able to speak normally. After a period of consolidation and treatment, the nodules disappeared after reexamination.

The prescription is actually derived from the Epiglottis Zhuyu Decoction in “Yilin Gaicuo”, for the purpose of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and dispelling stagnation pharynx!

Among them, safflower, peach kernel, angelica, and red peony can promote blood and nourish blood, clear away heat and stasis, and Bupleurum and Fructus Aurantii can soothe the liver, relieve depression, and promote qi. Saccharomyces ginseng can nourish yin, clear away heat and detoxify, and platycodon grandiflorum can carry medicine upwards, go directly to the sick place, and benefit the throat.

On the basis of the above, Digupi and Morus alba can purify the lung fire, draw the blood downward, and then draw the heat downward, just like this The knot of qi stagnation and blood stasis is untied, and the problem is solved.

These common nodules and polyps are actually related to living habits

However, we must grasp this degree well. Factors such as stress, emotion, and diet, if indulged, are the catalysts of the disease. Through reasonable regulation, these are also blindly good medicines in the treatment process! It is helpful for the recovery of the disease.

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