Can diabetics eat a bite of fruit? Answer: wrong! These 8 kinds can be eaten with confidence

In the cognition of the older generation, diabetes is a terminal disease, comparable to cancer, so when they hear diabetes, they also feel it terrified.

The reason for this is that in the past, due to the relatively backward medical technology, if there Diabetes is never treated as expected, so related symptoms continue to worsen and eventually become life-threatening.

The following factors may be the cause of elevated blood sugar

  • Genetic factors

The vast majority of physical diseases are almost genetic, including hyperglycemia. The probability of blood sugar will also increase significantly. Such people with family genetic history must actively carry out conditioning and treatment in their daily life.

  • Chronic cardiovascular disease

If chronic cardiovascular disease is not treated in time, it is likely to lead to further development of related symptoms, and it will also aggravate the body in the long run Chronic cardiovascular disease may also lead to blood sugar out of control, aggravate the burden of cardiovascular, not conducive to maintaining the stability of blood sugar, and even induce hyperglycemia.

  • Diet Factors

Diet is one of the things we must do every day, and bad diet also directly affects The reason for blood sugar may be that many people deliberately avoid eating sweets in their daily life, but some foods do not taste sweet at all, but their glycemic index is also very high, so you must keep your mouth shut on such foods.

  • Do not pay attention to physical examination

In the initial stage of elevated blood sugar, the body is not painful or itchy. It may be difficult for the patient to notice, but if it is dragged to a serious state, the consequences will be more dangerous, so if you do not want to suffer from high Blood sugar troubles, I hope you can conduct regular physical examinations, perhaps when blood sugar rises, early detection and early treatment can be achieved.

The following foods are not sweet, but they can raise blood sugar

There are also hidden sugar foods:< /strong>

Such as braised pork, pot-packed pork, sweet and sour pork ribs, sweet and sour pork tenderloin, etc. all contain invisible sugar Food, under normal circumstances, we will eat these foods as dishes, but the sugar content in them is indeed very high. If you eat them normally, it will easily affect the stability of blood sugar.

Glutinous rice food:

Glutinous rice food tastes QQ bouncy and can satisfy people’s appetite, and the taste is also very good, but the glycemic index of glutinous rice food is very high, so If you eat it often, it is easy to cause blood sugar out of control, and people who already suffer from high blood sugar should pay special attention.

High starch food:

Starch can be converted into carbohydrates and sugar after entering the human body, although these two substances are essential for our body functions Important, but if you often eat high-starch foods, it may actually affect the stability of blood sugar. I hope you can learn to choose.

Fat foods:

Various The big fish and meat in the world are all high-fat foods. These foods taste delicious and can satisfy people’s appetite, but too much fat intake will lead to increased blood concentration, increase the burden on the cardiovascular system, and is not conducive to the stability of blood sugar. Fatty food, I hope you can eat less or not.

Can diabetics eat a bite of fruit? Answer: wrong!

Many people have given up fruit after being told that they have high blood sugar. They think most fruits taste sweet and worry about eating Too much can lead to blood sugar out of control.

The question of whether patients with hyperglycemia can eat fruit should be analyzed dialectically, because eating fruit gives the body There are many benefits, such as replenishing water, supplementing other nutrients, helping to lose weight and so on.

If a little fruit If you don’t eat it, you may miss a lot of nutrients, and in the long run, it will cause insufficient trace elements or other conditions. Therefore, diabetic patients can eat fruits.

Just here to remind people with high blood sugar, when eating fruits, you must learn to choose, eat By the way, fruit is more helpful to avoid blood sugar out of control.

This 8 kinds, you can eat with confidence

–Grape: The nutritional value of grape itself is relatively high, and the disability index is relatively low. Patients with high blood sugar can eat it Grape.

–Oranges: Oranges are full of water and are also a fruit that is often eaten at present. People with high blood sugar eat oranges no problem.

–Apple: Apple is the most commonly eaten fruit, and its glycemic index is relatively low. Both weight loss and blood sugar control are beneficial.

–Pears: Pears can clear the throat and sharpen the throat. At the same time, their glycemic index is relatively low, so they are suitable for patients with high blood sugar.

–Peach: Peach is often eaten in summer, the fruit has sufficient water content, high nutritional value, and high blood sugar Patients, there is no problem eating peaches.

–cherry: Although the price of cherries is relatively not cheap, their nutritional value is very high, and they are also very suitable for patients with high blood sugar.

–Plums: Plums taste sour and sweet, which can promote digestion and absorption, and are also very suitable for high blood pressure blood sugar patients.

–Grapefruit: Grapefruit is a fruit that is ripening and on the market at the moment. It helps to lose weight and increase height Diabetic patients can eat with confidence.

If blood sugar rises I hope that everyone can adjust and improve in time, and you should also pay special attention to diet. Patients with high blood sugar can eat fruits, but I hope you have to learn to choose.