Three “Shandong Province Eco-tourism Area Creation Units” in Tai’an, beautiful pictures are here! Remember to walk around

On July 31, the launching ceremony of the 2022 Shandong Yellow River Ecotourism Experience Season was held in Gaoqing, Zibo. At the launching ceremony, Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Shandong Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment jointly released the “List of Creation Units of Eco-tourism Areas in Shandong Province”, and a total of 34 units from 16 cities in Shandong were selected.

Among them, 3 Tai’an units were selected, namely, Daiyue District, Taishan Jiunv Peak Eco-tourism Area, Leowen Scenic Spot, Leishan Wenhe Eco-tourism Area, Dongping District County Dongping Lake Ecological Tourism Zone.

This place is surrounded by mountains, flowing water and egrets. Standing on the ridge and overlooking the surroundings, Shenlongquan is crystal clear, and the trees stretch for hundreds of miles. There is no one in the empty mountain, but the sound of people’s voices can be heard.

There is a floating cloud hanging in the mountains at the height of the village. The book owner of Jiu Nufeng is facing the mountains and backs to the village. Here, it gives visitors and readers the illusion of being on the top of the mountains and forests.

Source: Daiyue District Culture and Tourism Board

Cuilai Mountain Wenhe Scenic Spot is at the core of the golden tourist route of “one mountain, one water and one saint” in Shandong Province. Culai Mountain, which has been sisters with Mount Tai since ancient times, is a global geological park, a national forest park, and the first batch of forest oxygen bars. The main peak, Taipingding, is 1,028 meters above sea level and is one of the six high mountains in Shandong Province with an altitude of more than one thousand meters. The Dawen River in the scenic spot originates from Yiyuan City and joins Dongping Lake into the Yellow River. It has a total length of 208 kilometers and flows through Tai’an City for 156.5 kilometers. It is one of the rare reverse rivers in the country, and is also the birthplace of ancient Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation The cradle of prosperity. The Dawenkou Cultural Site, the Ancient Bo City Site, and the Taishan Shigandang Site are distributed among the scenic spots.

Dongping Lake has a total area of ​​627 square kilometers and an annual water surface of 209 square kilometers. It is the only remaining water area of ​​Shuibo, the hub of the eastern route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, and the core area of ​​Shandong Water Margin cultural tourism. Dongping Lake is surrounded by green hills, with green willows clinging to the shore, blue waves rippling, and silver gulls soaring into the sky. It is a natural, beautiful and magnificent landscape painting. As early as the Tang Dynasty, it had the reputation of “Little Dongting”. Su Zhe, a famous writer in the Northern Song Dynasty, who is known as one of the Eight Great Masters of the Tang and Song Dynasties, left a beautiful verse of “even the moon is shining and the waves are clean, and the fisherman’s song is heard”.

Along the Dongping Lake Net Red Ring Lake Road, you can visit Dongping Lake Binhu National Wetland Park, Water Margin Film City, Liugong Shanshuihu Dazhai, Lashan National Forest Park and many other scenic spots.

Photo: Zhang Huan

Source: Cultural Tourism Tai’an