Visit Yunqiu Mountain, where the human landscape and natural landscape complement each other, a summer resort

The Yunqiu Mountain Scenic Spot is located at the intersection of the Fenwei Graben and Luliang Mountain. It is known as a natural oxygen bar with lush trees, lush vegetation, beautiful scenery, beautiful scenery and excellent air. The scenic natural landscape is beautiful, the cultural landscape is unique, and the historical atmosphere is strong. It integrates Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, including the Confucian Yunqiu Academy, the Buddhist Duobao Lingyan Temple and Taoist temples, especially Taoist temple buildings. From Wulong Palace to Santianmen and Zushi Ding, to the Jade Emperor Ding, they are built on the mountain, scattered, the scene is grand, the momentum is magnificent, and it is spectacular. In addition, Yunqiu Mountain Scenic Area also has many historical legends. According to legend, it was the holy place for Tang Yao, Yu Shun and Xia Yu to observe the time of the sky in ancient times. From this, it is speculated that the ancients have a long history of observing the sky and measuring the future.

The most amazing thing is that according to legend, Yunqiu Mountain is still The place where Emperor Zhenwu cultivated his self-cultivation and attained the right path can be called a paradise on earth and a fairyland on earth. Time has changed, and the stars have moved along the long river of history through the Northern Song Dynasty. At that time, the northern and western frontiers were repeatedly invaded by the enemy, so the royal family enshrined the powerful Emperor Zhenwu to protect the country and protect the people, in order to ensure good weather, peace and prosperity for the country and the people. Until the Yuan Dynasty, Yunqiu Mountain developed into the birthplace of the Taoist Longmen School. In addition, the folk customs here are also very special. During the second month of the lunar calendar every year, it is also the time for the annual Zhonghe Festival Temple Fair in Yunqiu Mountain. At this time, it is very lively, crowded, and rivers are constantly flowing. Believers from all over the world will come here. It is said that this custom has continued from the Tang Dynasty to the present, with constant festivals and customs, passed down from generation to generation, and stretched for thousands of years, which is a miracle .

In addition to the historical and cultural landscape of Yunqiu Mountain, here The natural landscape is even more beautiful. The most proud is the Yunqiu Mountain Ice Cave Group, which has a rare ice cave wonder in the world. It is hidden in the deep mountains. The icicles, ice shoots and ice waterfalls are crystal clear, showing a dream-like scene against the background of the lights, beautiful, like a fairyland, like being in a fairy tale world, which is imaginative. Even in the hot summer, the temperature in the ice cave can still be kept below zero, the cold is pressing, and the wind is cool. According to the staff, the Yunqiu Mountain Ice Cave Group is one of the three major ice cave wonders in the world, and it is also the largest natural ice cave group discovered in my country so far. Anomalous ice caves have become the natural ice caves with the most ornamental value and scientific research value because of their complex origins, unpredictable changes, large scale, and perennial ice formation.

Overview of the scenic spot, Yunqiu Mountain Scenic Spot has many attractions and has Flying on the high-altitude zipline over the jungle mountain stream, the zipline spans over the dam, with the help of the geographical advantage of the high drop, tourists glide downwards at a high speed from a high place, and experience the detachment feeling of rapid speed, just like the sky, Soaring over the mountain stream. And along the way, the high-altitude field of vision is wide, the moon is in the jungle, facing the dam, the thrills are constant, there are no dangers, and it is unforgettable. There is also the Yunqiu Mountain Yuhuangding Cableway with a total length of more than 1,300 meters, which has the advantages of high altitude and large drop. The most not to be ignored is the Yuanyang Bridge in Yunqiu Mountain. The glass bridge spans between two giant peaks. When you are in it, you can see the steep cliffs of the two peaks in front of you. Frightened, the fissures of the canyon under your feet have a panoramic view, especially when the clouds are deep and foggy, walking in it is like walking in the wind, like walking in the clouds, and the overpass in the clouds is extremely thrilling.

The thousand-year-old village of Tarpo in Yunqiu Mountain has been preserved The original architectural style has inherited the local culture and regional customs of my country for thousands of years. With the cliff of the Virgin as the finale scenic spot, it runs through the caves and water parks of Tarpo, and it is worth visiting. Personally think that the Yunqiu Mountain Scenic CanyonIt is deep, peaks and peaks, dangerous peaks and rocks, waterfalls and springs, ravines, summer resorts, verdant spring trees, green summer forests, autumn winds, red pine trees in winter, snowy pine trees in winter, gurgling streams all year round, and the scenery is very beautiful. In addition, the human-shaped mountain in the scenic area is realistic, the shape is anthropomorphic, the plant species is rich and diverse, and the natural landscape is unique and magical. In the scenic area, the god tower is pinnacled, the Xuanmen is a treasure, the Laojun gourd, Zhang Gongbeipo, the double horse stone pile, the double tiger guarding the courtyard, the giant god in the sky, the golden rooster announces the dawn, etc. The special karst landform and the stone mountain forest environment have formed a strange scenery. Ingenious workmanship, beautiful scenery. During the tour, it is recommended to check the ticket from Zhonghe Square to enter the park, take the scenic transportation vehicle to go to Qianshan Shenxian Valley or Houshan Notre Dame Valley, and visit in turn.

Personal suggestion, first go to Notre Dame Valley in the back mountain, along the way Get off the bus to visit the Babao Palace, then take the next bus to the parking lot of Notre Dame Valley, walk to the lower station of the Yuhuangding Cableway, take the cableway up the mountain, after reaching the upper station of the cableway, go up the stairs and continue to hike to the top of the Jade Emperor Peak. Then go to the top of the ancestors, go down the steps all the way, and reach the fork of the Temple of the Earth. It should be noted that this side is the direction to the top of the ancestors. Along the way, you will pass the sea turtle and Shenlongling. The other side leads to Qianshan. Along the way, you will pass the Yuanyang Bridge and the Frozen Group. Just follow the road signs. After a tour, go to Yulian Cave, then to Tarpo Tu Village, and finally to the Shenxianyu bus stop, arrive at Zhonghe Square, and stay at Qierkang Resort at night. The next day, visit the Wulong Palace, then go directly to the frozen group, then go to the Yuanyang Bridge, return by car, and the whole tour is over. Personally, I think that Yunqiu Mountain Scenic Spot has a high zenith, thousands of peaks competing for show, ten thousand valleys, soaring, proud of the sky, fragrant and colorful, with alternating good scenes, a long history, broad and profound, and beneficial to the world.

The coordinates of Yunqiu Mountain Scenic Spot are located in Xiangning County, Shanxi Province. The reference price of tickets is 80 yuan per person in peak season, 40 yuan per person in off-season, 70 yuan per person for one way up and 60 yuan per person for down one way; 50 yuan per person for up one-way and 40 yuan per person for down one way. ; 30 yuan per person for water zipline, 150 yuan per person for bungee jumping, 60 yuan per person for trapeze, mandarin duck bridge and hang glider, 120 yuan per person for frozen group, and 5 yuan per person for one-way battery car. Tourists holding their own identity documents in Xiangning County or Jishan County can enjoy the ticket-free policy. Children under one meter two (excluding), or the elderly over 60 years old (including) are exempt from tickets. The specific disclosure of the scenic spot shall prevail. Self-driving tours can directly navigate Yunqiu Mountain No. 1 or No. 2 and No. 3 parking lots, and each car is 10 yuan.