This year’s snow festival is “the turn of Guijia, the turn of Haizi”, don’t forget “eat three treasures”, what is it

The heavy snow festival is coming, and the fourteenth day of the winter month in the lunar calendar this year is the time for the heavy snow festival. This year’s snow festival is “the turn of Guijia and the turn of Haizi”. Don’t forget what “eat three treasures” refers to?

Features of heavy snow solar terms< /h1>

The Great Snow Festival is the beginning of the sub-month. At this time, the celestial meridian of the sun reaches 255 degrees, which is the longest month of the year. The handle of the bucket points to the position of Qinglong Qisu’s heart, which indicates that Qinglong Qisu has entered the “Xuanfang” position in the north, and it is the time when the power of “closed Tibet” is strongest.

The heavy snow solar term is relative to the light snow. The light snow solar term is not cold and the snow is not heavy. It is the time when rain and snow alternate. The Daxue solar term means that the cold air is strong and the snow is heavy. The characteristic of the Xiaoxue solar term is that the earth’s atmosphere does not rise, the weather does not fall, and the up and down are closed to form winter. After occlusion, everything returns to hiding, the rainbow disappears, and the thunder ceases.

When it comes to the heavy snow solar term, this “blocking” power will become stronger. People living in nature must first conform to the power of nature. The so-called “Those who follow the sky will prosper, and those who go against the sky will lose.” At this time, the sky is nature, and its power is characterized by occlusion. Therefore, we must break this blockage in order to grow.

What does it mean to “eat three treasures” during the heavy snow festival?

1. Dumplings

The time for this year’s heavy snow festival is 11 am on the 14th day of the winter month At forty-six minutes and four seconds, this time point is when the Hai month and the Zi month alternate, and that day is also the first day, so this year’s heavy snow solar term is “the turn of the Guijia, the turn of the Haizi”, It is the time for the real handover.

Dumpling and Jiaozi are homophonic, so the ancients often eat dumplings on New Year’s Eve, which means “New Year’s Jiaozi”. Shuyun: On New Year’s Day, food is served and separated together, like eating flat food. In a wealthy family, gold and silver are hidden in the pastry, and if the divination goes well, those who have food for the family will have good luck all year round.

Then this year’s snow festival is the time of Jiaozi, and it is also The world is closed, when everything returns to storage. The heaven and the earth are the big universe, and man is the microcosm. If the heaven and the earth are not connected, all things will return to storage, and if the people are not connected, there will be no life. For example, the Ren channel is yin, and the governor channel is yang. Where the two channels intersect with the human body, if the human body is not connected, it means that the heaven and the earth are not connected.

As the saying goes:A person is deep, long and wide, and his children and grandchildren are arranged in a class. On the contrary, people are short-sighted and narrow-minded, which means that the two qi do not communicate, and it is difficult to see children. Therefore, the Daxue solar term is still dominated by “Tong”. “Compendium of Materia Medica” says: Radix, root and leaf have the same function, raw food raises Qi, cooked food lowers Qi. Radish is also a radish, which can raise Qi when it is raw, and lower Qi when it is ripe.

So it’s time to eat radishes during the snow festival. As the saying goes: Eat radishes in winter and ginger in summer, and you don’t need a doctor’s prescription. So this year’s snow festival, the most important thing to eat is radish dumplings. It does not imply beauty, but it can unblock up and down.

Second, heavy snow

The natural phenomenon of each solar term is the crystallization of the power of that solar term. For example, the dew of Bailu, the frost of frost and so on. Light snow solar term, cold is snow, warm is rain, it is the sleet that comes outNow. And the cold weather of the heavy snow solar term has become stronger, and the rain has turned into snow. Therefore, the snowfall of the heavy snow solar term is the crystallization of the power of nature in this solar term.

Snowfall is also a manifestation of strong water vapor. Water is the yin, and snowflakes are the essence of yin, which is the essence of this solar term. Therefore, it is said in the “Book of Si Sheng”: The snow is the essence of the five grains. Take the meaning of sencha, and the quietness of the people. “Compendium of Materia Medica” also said: Snow water can detoxify and cure plague.

At this time, the power of heaven and earth is closed for convergence, and snowflakes are the product of the closure of heaven and earth. Enzyme compounds in snow water are much higher than ordinary water, so the ancients would collect some snowflakes to make tea when it snowed, especially the first snow in winter, which is a treasure of this solar term.

3. Eating meat

Daxue solar term is the beginning of midwinter, also called Changyue. Chang, still full, is the month of fullness. At this time, the world is blocked, and it is the time to nourish. “Qianjin Yueling” said: It is a month to mend, and it is not allowed to bait hot food. It should be eaten early, and it is advisable to eat cooked meat overnight. “Seven Signs of Yunji” said: In mid-winter, the kidney qi is strong and the heart and lungs are weak. It should help the lungs to calm the nerves and regulate the spleen and stomach. Spleen and stomach belong to soil.

Then the Great Snow Festival is the beginning of Ziyue, and Zichou is combined into wet soil, so beef should be eaten during the Great Snow Festival. The book says: Beef nourishes the spleen and stomach, strengthens the Qi plate, and strengthens the muscles and bones. It can cure thirst, weak spleen, weak waist and knees, etc. So the beef of the snow festival is one of the best foods.

Ziyue is the longest night of the year, it is advisable to go to bed early and wake up late, When the sun rises, go to morning exercises. At this time, the heaven and the earth are closed, and the yin is strong and the yang is weak. Therefore, it is said in “Moon Order”: A gentleman is fasting and careful, and he must check his body and mind. Desire to calm the body, remove sensuality and lust, abstain from lust, calm one’s form and nature, and desire to be quiet in doing things, so as to be determined by yin and yang. That is to reduce the exercise between husband and wife.