Deafness, tinnitus? Mostly because of deficiency of kidney essence, I will give you a Chinese patent medicine to nourish the kidney and replenish essence, and dredge the ear orifices

Hi everyone, this is Dr. Zhao. Recently, many patients have asked me if they are getting older and feel that their hearing has declined. They often cannot hear what others are saying. There will be temporary deafness, and I always feel back pain, lack of strength to do anything, accompanied by symptoms such as insomnia and dreaminess, hair loss, dizziness, and powerlessness.

In fact, in Chinese medicine, this is due to the deficiency of kidney essence It is caused by the fact that the kidneys open to the ears, and our ears need the essence in the kidneys to nourish them. If the kidney essence is sufficient, our ears will be nourished, and they will naturally perform their normal functions. If the kidney essence is insufficient, our ears will lack nutrition, and a series of symptoms of kidney essence deficiency will appear, such as deafness and tinnitus. So what should we do?

Today, Dr. Zhao will share with you a miracle Deaf Zuoci Pills can nourish kidney yin, calm liver blood and nourish ear orifices. let’s figure it out together.

It is mainly composed of 8 herbs: magnet, rehmannia glutinosa, yam, dogwood, poria cocos, Alisma, Moutan bark, bamboo leaf Bupleurum .

Among them, Magnet tastes salty, cold and cool, and enters the liver and kidney meridians , has the effect of calming the nerves, improving ears and improving eyesight. Secondly, it also enters the Heart Sutra, which has the effect of nourishing the heart and calming the nerves.

Andrehmannia, yam and Cornus officinalis These medicines are mainly used to nourish yin and blood, nourish kidney essence, nourish yin and promote body fluid, our kidney essence is sufficient, ears Also nourished. These symptoms will naturally disappear

The second is Poria and Alismas, Poria can seep water and promote dampness, and expel moisture from the body, followed by Alisma. Cool, can clear away the damp heat of the lower burnt body.

The last isZhuyechai Hu and Moutan Bark, bamboo leaf Bupleurum has the effect of soothing the liver and regulating qi, and can dredge qiMachine, clear the ear orifice.

Moutan bark enters the liver and kidney meridians, clearing heat and cooling Blood, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

This Chinese patent medicine is mainly based on our Liuwei Dihuang pills with the addition of magnetite and bamboo leaf Bupleurum. Kidney yin, while filling the kidney essence, is added with the medicine of improving ears and eyesight, and dredging the ear orifice. In this way, the kidney essence is sufficient, the ear orifices are unblocked, and the symptoms of deafness and tinnitus will naturally disappear.

Have you learned the above Chinese patent medicine for improving deafness and tinnitus? It should be noted that everyone’s constitution is different, and our medications are also very different. Therefore, we must seek the help of a doctor before taking medicine, and we must not take medicine without permission.