This year and the next two years are destined to be extraordinary. Ordinary families will face these 4 troublesome things. Prepare in advance

Experts remind: this year and next year are destined to be extraordinary, ordinary families will face these 4 troublesome things, prepare in advance! 22 years is approaching the end of the year, and we are about to usher in 2023. We all say that the new year has a new atmosphere, but in the past two years, many families, especially ordinary families, will face a lot of troubles. We have to advance Just be prepared.

1. All kinds of loans are difficult to repay

In reality In life, we all have different pressures. Those who are not married face the pressure of being urged to marry, those who are married face the pressure of supporting their families, and those who are unemployed face financial pressure. In addition, there are also pressures such as mortgages and car loans. In the past few years, the unemployment rate has been high, and various pressures have also increased. Once unemployed, mortgages and car loans have become the biggest pressure. Of course, if you are born in a wealthy family, you can ignore these pressures, but in fact , Many people come from ordinary families, and going to work becomes the only source of income. Once unemployed, the pressure is not ordinary.

2. Financial management, investment

Many people don’t have any hobbies at ordinary times, just I like to invest and manage money. However, under the influence of the epidemic in recent years, the financial market is not only depressed, but also unstable. This will inevitably have a certain impact on financial management and investment. In the past two years, it is recommended not to invest in financial management. It is better to keep the money in the bank. Once the investment fails, it will be very serious. After all, investment and financial management have certain risks. .

3. It is difficult to find a job

If in the past, For many people, being unemployed is just a matter of finding another job, but starting from 2019, it is much more difficult to find a job after being unemployed. Many companies have closed down or are in recession, unemployed, and many people have been laid off. Unemployment means a reduction in the economy, and many companies have high requirements when recruiting people. If you don’t have any skills, education or interpersonal relationships Once unemployed, it is even more difficult to find a job again. The industries that have been affected in the past few years have involved too many fields, so if you have a stable job, just do it well and don’t let yourself lose your job.

4. Prices are rising rapidly

In fact, prices have been rising these years There is an increase, but it is not very obvious; in recent years, due to the epidemic, the price increase has been too obvious. For ordinary families, the rise in prices means more family expenses. Whether it’s food or daily necessities, you have to pay more for everything. For ordinary families, especially a family with a large number of people, it is even more difficult. In the past two years, we can clearly feel the rapid rise of commodity prices, but the rapid increase of unemployment rate, forming an inverse relationship between the two , the more places that need money, the less and less it is economically. It can be said that the rise in prices is the most troublesome thing among the above troublesome things.

Especially in the past two years, it has been really difficult for many ordinary families. After birth, there will be more places to spend money; if another old man in the family gets sick, it will undoubtedly make things worse. In the past two years, for ordinary families, if there is a job, no matter what the salary is, let’s do it with peace of mind, at least there is still a source of income. If you don’t have enough money, don’t compare yourself to buying a car or a house.