Qiujiadian Town gathers efforts to build the “Taishan Consultation” brand, effectively helping grassroots governance

Correspondent Gao Chao

Since the start of the “Taishan Consultation” work in Taishan District, Qiujiadian Town has always adhered to the working standards of “actuality, real action, actual effect, and actual performance”, and has focused on building “Taishan Consultation” Brand, the town has carried out more than 80 deliberation activities successively, focusing on solving the “urgent, difficult and anxious” problems that a group of people are concerned about, and opening a fast channel of consultation for the people that integrates into the grassroots, the masses, and the hearts of the people.

East section of Taixin Road, Qiujiadian Town, due to convenient transportation, a large number of large trucks Passing through from here, and passing through villages, towns, schools and residential areas along the line, pedestrians, motor vehicles, and non-motor vehicles are mixed, and traffic safety accidents occur frequently, posing a threat to the safety of people’s lives and property. Qiujiadian Town, using the “Taishan Negotiation” as a platform, has actively invited functional departments such as traffic and traffic police, towns and villages, and members of the CPPCC to conduct on-site investigations, research and consultations, and promote the implementation of the results of the consultations. At present, the road renovation of Taixin Road has been completed, the speed bumps, yellow flashing lights and slow traffic signs along the intersection have been installed, and the speed limit capture equipment has been activated at the intersection of Chongwen Road and Jitai Connecting Line. Through consultation and promotion, the traffic safety problem of Taixin Road has been initially resolved, and the public travel safety index has been greatly improved. At present, the town’s “Taishan Consultation” conference room is continuing to actively negotiate with relevant departments on issues such as “restriction of large trucks, improvement of traffic lights, and addition of resident traffic police squadrons” to completely solve the “heart worries” of the masses.

Qiujiadian Town Guanzhuang Village belongs to Due to the low-lying landform under the ridge, more than 300 acres of cultivated land are flooded due to insufficient drainage during the rainy season every year, and more than 100 houses are soaked, and nearly 400 households are affected by the disaster. However, due to factors such as imperfect infrastructure and large capital investment, the problem has not been resolved for many years. What the people want, what the government wants. In 2022, the Party Committee of Qiujiadian Town and the “Taishan Consultation” meeting room of the town will take the issue of “water control in Guanzhuang” as an important topic to listen to public opinion, promote people’s livelihood, and warm people’s hearts. The company, Baotailong Scenic Area, Guanzhuang Village and other forces participated in the negotiation, and creatively proposed a new model of coordinated management of waterlogging in Guanzhuang and area renovation and drainage. The town government, Caiyuan Urban Construction Co., Ltd., and Guanzhuang Village jointly funded the laying of drainage pipes in the south of the village. After passing through Baotailong and Chongwen Roads, it is discharged to Xiejia River. The implementation of the consultation results not only solved the waterlogging problem in Guanzhuang Village for more than ten years, but also reasonably planned the drainage plan for the reconstruction of the Lijiazhuang area, which completely solved the “urgent, difficult and anxious” problem of the masses.

In the next step, Qiujiadian Town will take “Taishan consultation” as an effective starting point to promote grassroots governance, take “negotiation among the people and consultation for the people” as the starting point and foothold, and keep an eye on the urgent needs of the masses Carry out consultation and deliberation on matters of concern and hope, and comprehensively promote grassroots consultation work to achieve new and greater achievements.

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