Immediately stop eating these 6 kinds of food, which is accelerating the degeneration of the brain into Alzheimer’s disease! many people eat every day

Stop eating these 6 kinds of food immediately, it is accelerating the degeneration of your brain, beware of Alzheimer’s disease! The brain is vital to humans. If a person’s brain is not good, it will affect his memory. If a person’s brain degenerates, it will affect your IQ, especially for some elderly people. Have symptoms of dementia.

Although the brains of the elderly are more likely to degenerate, if young people do not pay attention and often eat these foods, they can also cause your brain to degenerate in advance, and even cause brain atrophy complications.

Many people often eat a lot of food that affects the brain in their daily diet, and they don’t know it; and a lot of food is still for children Like to eat. Let’s take an inventory with the old Chinese medicine practitioners, which foods are the “executioners” that cause brain degeneration and brain atrophy.

1. Refined carbohydrates.

This compound can accelerate the release of your energy. Cui Jin’s blood sugar rises and stimulates insulin secretion. These compounds are added with refined sugar and other sugar foods. These sugars will stimulate the human brain , Eating more for a long time will affect the development of the brain, and it is very likely that the brain will degenerate in advance. Common foods such as refined carbohydrates are: biscuits, white bread, etc.

2. Foods with high sugar content.

We mentioned above that too much sugar can easily cause brain degeneration; eating too much sugar food will make us less likely to feel hungry, and it will make us consume a lot of high calories, which will degrade our brain in advance , This type of food is common: beverages, candies and some desserts, milk tea, etc.

3. Pickled food.

People in many parts of our country like to make some pickled food, especially pickled meat food. In terms of taste, these pickled foods do have a special flavor, but if you eat too much of these pickled foods, they are likely to cause cancer, and at the same time, they are also “executors” that accelerate the degeneration of the brain. Pickled food generally puts a lot of salt, and it takes a certain amount of time to make fresh food into pickled food. Eating too much pickled food will not only make our bones loose, but also Increased high blood pressure, the elderly eat more, not only may suffer from diabetes, obesity, etc., but also affect your kidneys and suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, that is, brain degeneration. Common pickled foods include: cured sausage, cured bacon, fish, some pickles with different flavors, etc.

4. Fast food fried food.

Nowadays, the pace of society is getting faster, and many people also pay attention to fast food, so fast food and fried food have become common foods on the table. These foods are often added with different fats, different syrups, monosodium glutamate, refined salt and some additives; these additives can make the food more delicious, but also have a great impact on our body, in fact , these fast food, fried food, has been listed as junk food by many countries, but many people still like to eat it, and not only eat it by themselves, but also like to eat it with their children. Eating too much fast food and fried food can easily accelerate the degeneration of your brain, and children are in the growth and development stage. Eating too much will not only make the brain degenerate, but also brain shrinkage. This type of food includes: french fries, fried chicken, pizza, etc.

5. Foods containing high fat.

Many fatty foods contain high fat and sugar, and it is also because of these fats and sugars that make the food delicious; at the same time, these foods also stimulate the brain. Eating these foods for a long time will affect the body Metabolic function, destroying the normal flora of the intestinal tract. It is easy to cause brain degeneration. Common foods of this type include: donuts, cream cakes, ice cream, cookies, etc. And this type of food is also the favorite of many children. If you have children at home, you should pay more attention.

6. Drink.

Many foreign experts have found through a lot of experiments that the brains of people who like to drink are gradually degenerating, especially the elderly, which may also cause brain atrophy. It can be said that drinking a lot and ingesting alcohol is only bad for our body, not good.

If we want to effectively protect our brains, in addition to our daily diet, we can also do some exercise. For example, we can stick out our tongue, it is generally recommended about ten times. Turn the tongue and let the tongue rotate in the mouth. It must be rotated in the forward direction first, and then in the opposite direction. Both times, it should be rotated ten times. Then lick the teeth with the tongue, licking at the upper and lower positions respectively, and the duration of each time is ten seconds. We recommend doing it twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

In terms of diet, we can also eat more foods containing vitamins and other nutrients. There are a lot of this type of food, we can eat more eggs, lean meat, legumes, vegetables, fresh dates, carrots, kiwi, corn, tomatoes, pumpkins and so on. You can also eat more fish food. Even better with some proper exercise. We can also eat more brain-invigorating snacks. Common snacks include walnuts and sesame seeds.