This supernatural “master” and his gang were “one-pot” by the Changning police!

From “acupuncture and moxibustion to cure diseases” to “seeing through the secrets”, and “unique secret techniques” that can “change the way of life”… These “exclusive secret recipes” that sound unbelievable can be believed Do not? Needless to say, some people really believe in this and are willing to “spend money to eliminate disasters”.

Things will start in mid-August this year. When Ms. Hu, a citizen, came to the Jiangsu Road Police Station, her faltering, hesitant expression caught the attention of the police.
After patiently persuading the police, Ms. Hu began to confide her doubts to the police. What’s going on?
It turns out that Ms. Hu met a netizen surnamed Chen on the Internet before. After Jia was distressed, he “enthusiastically” matched up and met a “master”.
A netizen surnamed Chen said that this “master” has great powers, not to mention acupuncture and bone setting, and he can also “practice” to achieve the miraculous effect of curing diseases and eliminating disasters. With a dubious mentality, Ms. Hu quickly got in touch with the “master”. To Ms. Hu’s surprise, she felt that her body seemed to be getting better. Gradually, she believed in the “superpower” of the “master”.
Ms. Hu, who got deeper and deeper, even paid the master to “change the way of life” for her family, and naturally “appeared The “fee” is not low, so Ms. Hu successively paid the “Master” various fees totaling more than 400,000 yuan…
< span>However, is the “master” described by Ms. Hu really a master? The policeman clearly told her, “You have been deceived!” Investigate.
The mysterious “master” slowly appeared in the sight of the police. After investigation, Yang, who is known as a “master”, has no fixed occupation at all, but rents an office area in a prosperous area of ​​Changning District, and the funds in the accounts are very frequent and the amount is relatively large.
Can he “fool” so much by himself? With the gradual deepening of investigation work, the “mysterious organization” behind Yang also surfaced.
Unexpectedly, this is a fraudulent gang that claims to be “Xuanhe Palace”, headed by Yang, they use ” Health-preserving, fortune-telling, life-changing” and other gimmicks to attract business, and then the victims were charged tens of thousands to millions of dollars with “children’s growth package”, “disease cure and blessing package”, and “elderly life-enhancing package”.

After grasping the conclusive evidence of Yang’s criminal gang, the Jiangsu Road Police Station divided into multiple groups, and in Shanghai , Ningbo and other places carried out concentrated arrests and arrested 8 criminal suspects including Yang, Zhang and Chen.
What exactly is “Xuanhe Palace”? According to Yang’s account, he and Zhang, one of the members of the gang, have known each other since childhood. They were both frail and sick when they were young, and they were taken to see a “miracle doctor” by their elders. ” and other superstitious activities.
Once by chance, Yang suggested to Zhang that he should start a business with the idea of ​​”treating illnesses and looking at physiognomy”. Unexpectedly, Zhang agreed, and they hit it off immediately, and the two went around doing fortune-telling for others.
Could it be that the members of the gang will tell fortunes? What is jaw-dropping is that the other six suspects who were arrested were originally “patients” who came to ask Yang for fortune-telling and medical treatment, but gradually got along and felt that Yang’s “business” was profitable, so they “transformed” into Yang’s accomplices were responsible for making suggestions, attracting customers, and undertaking business. Among them, Chen was the “enthusiastic” netizen Ms. Hu knew.
Every time, after the fraud is successful, Yang will give gang members 10%-20% commission according to the division of labor .
Currently, Changning police have taken criminal coercive measures against Yang and other 8 people for alleged fraud, and the case is under further investigation among.

Reminder to the police

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The general public should not believe in feudal superstition as a routine Fraud to avoid property damage. Once you find that you have been cheated, you must report it to the police in time.

Image provided by Changning Public Security Bureau

Text: Yan Man

Editor: Li Bingqian

*Reprint please indicate the source from “Shanghai Changning”

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