[Official Announcement] The highest reward is 200,000! This incentive will come into effect next year

The two departments issued a document to promote the illegal use of medical insurance funds to report rewards

National Health Insurance Administration and the Ministry of Finance issued the “Reward Measures for Reporting Illegal and Illegal Use of Medical Security Funds” on November 25 , Encourage the reporting of illegal use of medical insurance funds. The incentive method will be officially implemented on January 1, 2023.

This incentive method was released in November 2018 in the ” Revised on the basis of the Interim Measures for Reporting Rewards for Fraudulently Obtaining Medical Security Funds. The new measures consist of 15 articles, which stipulate the purpose, basis and scope of application of the reporting reward system, as well as the principles, conditions, standards, issuance, collection, payment, and withdrawal of rewards.

The method clearly targets all illegal use of medical insurance funds Included in the scope of rewards, and combined with the actual situation in each region, it is stipulated that a one-time reward will be given to the whistleblower according to a certain proportion of the case value. At the same time, the upper limit of the reward amount was increased from 100,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan, and a minimum reward amount of 200 yuan was set, so as to play the incentive role of rewards and actively encourage and guide the masses to participate in social supervision.

In specific rewards In terms of standards, provincial and municipal medical security administrative departments and financial departments can make specific regulations on reward standards within the framework of the measures in light of local actual conditions.

In order to facilitate the public to report, the medical insurance departments at all levels have announced A variety of reporting channels such as the Internet, telephone, fax, and mail have been established. Whistleblowers can choose any channel to report according to their own actual conditions, and all of them meet the basic conditions for receiving rewards. In addition, in order to cooperate with the promulgation and implementation of the measures, the National Medical Insurance Bureau has developed and implemented a reporting and complaint management system on the national medical security information platform, and carried out pilot projects in Hebei, Zhejiang, and Jiangxi. When conditions are ripe, it will be promoted and used nationwide.

The Measures emphasize the protection of the lawful rights and The medical insurance department shall keep the whistleblower’s information confidential, and shall not disclose the whistleblower’s personal information, reporting situation, etc. to the person being reported or to persons unrelated to handling the reporting work. In actual work, people can report with their real names or anonymously.

The method is clear, the whistleblower should Responsible for the authenticity of the materials provided, fabricating, distorting facts, and falsely accusing others, they shall bear relevant legal responsibilities according to law.

It is reported that currently 31 provinces across the country and Xinjiang are producing and constructing The Corps has established a corresponding reward system for reporting. Medical insurance departments at all levels have successively rewarded more than 2,570 whistleblowers, and have verified and recovered 158 million yuan in medical insurance violations based on the clues reported by the relevant masses.

Information: Xinhua News Agency

Editor: Bi Yangjing

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