This medicine is a great wisdom in the world of removing dampness. It strengthens the spleen and stomach, and removes dampness when you take it with you.

Wetness in the body has many states.

For light moisture like water mist, just use a little fragrant medicine, such as Agaricus fenugreek and Su Ye water to release them. spread.

For the dampness that is stagnant like water, it is necessary to use some diaphoretic drugs to make the dampness flow and become thin, Then drain it out, and the familiar barley water and winter melon soup can play this role.

The location and shape of the wet stay are different, and the treatment ideas in traditional Chinese medicine will also be different. So when we look at the instructions of those medicines that have the effect of dispelling dampness, we can find obvious differences: some are pungent and warm, diffuse and dispel dampness, and some are for regulating qi and removing the middle energizer. wet.

But the medicine I’m going to talk about today is a bit special. It is obvious that the composition of the drug is not completely aimed at removing dampness, but it can play a very good dampness-removing effect. Once we want to talk about Chinese patent medicine for dampness, we have to talk about it.

It is Shenling Baizhu Powder.

Spleen deficiency, suitable for use

We say that there are several types of spleen deficiency, usually qi deficiency, yang deficiency The difference between emptiness and yin deficiency. You can probably feel it by looking at the effects of Shenling Baizhu. It mainly acts on the condition of spleen deficiency, nourishing the spleen and energizing the spleen.

How to distinguish spleen deficiency?

Spleen deficiency and inability to transport and transform. On the one hand, it affects the various organs and tissues of the body that cannot wait for enough nutrients, showing a yellow complexion and a thin body. On the other hand, it affects the metabolism of water, which leads to the formation of phlegm and dampness.

Therefore, we will see the indications in the instruction manual of Shenling Baizhu Granules that it is used for fatigue, lack of appetite and loose stools.

If the spleen is deficient, the movement of qi, blood and body fluids is slow, and we will have no energy and feel tired after a little movement;< /span>The spleen governs the muscles of the limbs. When the spleen is deficient, the muscles may become loose and lack strength. The lack of qi and blood reacts on the face, which will present a dull, chlorotic state. If you don’t have enough power to digest what you eat, your appetite will naturally be poor.

Not only spleen deficiency, but also dampness, so the stool is often not formed, sometimes abdominal pain, abdominal distension, diarrhea, edema and so on.

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