This is how retirement should be lived

A person’s life can be divided into two stages. The first stage is from birth to retirement. It is the period of birth, growth, maturity, and the first adolescence. It is mainly to live for family, society, work, career, and friendship, focusing on dedication and dedication. The second stage is from retirement to aging until death. It is a period of withdrawal and decline, and it is also the second adolescence of life. You should get rid of all shackles, be self-centered, and live freely, mainly for your own health and happiness. Retired, the first stage of life has passed, and the full stop is drawn. Whether it is complete or not, it is all a cloud. Now that it is gone, it should be forgotten. What is important and realistic right now is to quickly realize life transformation, live a good retirement life, and rejuvenate the second spring of life.

1. Be a commoner. Before retirement, he had a position and responsibility, and he was an official, big or small. He wore hats of different sizes and shone with a certain aura. Respected, coaxed, and respected, I also think that I am a person, different from ordinary people. Retired, the hat is taken off, the halo disappears, people no longer embrace, no longer flatter, feel lost and cold, once uncomfortable, many people have been unable to turn around for a long time, complaining, complaining, resenting , I also get angry, which affects my retirement life and physical and mental health. Seriously think about it, how ridiculous and sad it is! Everyone used to be a commoner and had a good life, only from being employed, becoming an official, having power, wearing a halo, being respected by others, getting used to it, and thinking that they are superior to others. In fact, it is not you that people respect, it is your job that they respect, and it is your right to seek it. Now that you have no job and no power, people no longer respect you and beg you, it is a matter of course. After having no job and no power, a commoner should have a commoner mentality, rush into the life of the common people, have no official position and be light, finally have a free body, and can enjoy life freely, how comfortable it is!

2. Think twice. Before retirement, for the sake of family and career, chasing fame and fortune, thinking twice, is self-motivated, for utilitarianism, involuntary, not thinking. Retired, no matter how big or small, successful or not, they have completed the pursuit of fame and fortune, and this is the way of life, let’s bow our heads and admit it. Raise your head and plan your life for tomorrow. A happy mood and good health are the fame and fortune we pursue after retirement. The happier and happier we live, the healthier our bodies and longer life are the real achievement and fame, and it will also be the envy of many old people. The goal. If you think about it twice, you will find the wrong goal, distract your energy, and affect the quality of retirement life and physical health. Some people do not retreat, but still want to give full play to their remaining enthusiasm, often participate in the work of the unit, or even put on a veteran status, which offends the staff on the job, and finally leaves in despair, which loses dignity and hurts the mood; some people feel that they have nothing to do. It’s a pity to use all my skills in this life. I actively participated in entrepreneurship, but as a result, not only did I not earn money, but I was also heavily in debt, angry, and even died; , so that the uncle is not close, and the grandma does not love.

3. Live out yourself. Retired, withdrew from the rivers and lakes, and will no longer be involuntary. Don’t look at other people’s eyes, no matter how others look at you, whether they look down on you or look down on you, it’s other people’s business and has nothing to do with you. You should not see it, and it will not affect your taste and mood in the slightest; other people’s mouths are not long. In yourself, you can’t control it. Whatever others say, it’s not your business. Whether you say it right or wrong, whether you compliment it or criticize it, you don’t have to listen to it, let alone respond to it. Go your own way and pass. Take care of your own life and let others talk about it; focus on creating a good mood, exercising your body well, and arranging your retirement life independently, without being disturbed by anyone or worrying about anything that does not concern you.

4. It is rare to be confused. Whether at home or in society, don’t argue with anyone, right or wrong, don’t know anything, don’t understand anything, don’t spend any thought and Talking, following the sound, nodding affirmatively, yes, yes, yes…, yes, yes, yes…, making these expressions and simple language a standard for retirement, less effort, less trouble, and less birth A lot of sulking. When things happen, you are confused, react late, never compete, let others do it first, let others get first, always have time, wait, wait, wait until the last one, take it easy and take what you deserve, and don’t It doesn’t matter, this will reduce a lot of conflicts, a lot of conflicts, and a lot of happiness for myself.