The “master” of blood donation in Hanggang Beiyuan donated blood for the 117th time today

November 11 is a memorable day, Yu Zhongying donated blood components for the 100th time . Her total blood donation also reached 117 times.
Yu Zhongying is an ordinary resident of Hanggang Beiyuan Community and an ordinary retired employee of Hanggang Group, but for twenty years, she has been silent Donating blood has brought hope to many patients. The patient urgently needed type A blood and asked the society for help through the newspaper office. The moment Yu Zhongying saw the news, something in her heart was touched. She knew that she had type A blood, so she went to the blood center to donate the first blood immediately after the night shift. time blood.
“As a volunteer, I don’t have any skills or specialties, but my body is not bad, and donating blood can help others.” Since then, Yu Zhongying has embarked on a long journey Voluntary blood donation.
Donate whole blood at most twice a year, at most once she donated 400ml. By the end of 2013, due to the high frequency of blood donation, she was invited by the Provincial Blood Center to become a blood donation volunteer. From then on, she not only donated by herself, but also set aside one day every week to act as a volunteer to promote voluntary blood donation and encourage more people to join the team of voluntary blood donors.
The blood donation volunteers are Yu Zhongying on the left
“I often advise my friends and neighbors to play less mahjong Exercise more, join the team of voluntary blood donors, and be surrounded by friends with positive energy. Everyone’s enthusiasm and love are contagious, and your attitude towards life has become positive.” Yu Zhongying said that her daily life is very regular, although she has already “running six” , but there is no chronic disease such as “three highs”, and the body is healthy and strong. “As long as the health is good and the family is well, I will donate.”
< span>Donate whole blood at most twice a year, and it takes fifty years to donate 100 times. How did Yu Zhongying’s 117 blood donations come about?
Opening her blood donation records, I found that she has donated more than ten times a year in the past five years. In fact, the vast majority of Yu Zhongying’s blood donations in recent years are “component blood”. “Component blood” is to separate some components from blood for clinical treatment of leukemia. Compared with donating whole blood, donating “component blood” has less impact on the body, and the interval between blood donations is only 14 days. Last year, Yu Zhongying donated “component blood” 23 times.
The leader of the Health and Medical Commission presented flowers to Yu Zhongying, a blood donation volunteer
Some people may have doubts. How much does it affect the body? Yu Zhongying said that she has always been in good health.“Actually, proper blood donation can promote metabolism and is not harmful to the body.”

“I don’t want to publicize how much blood I donate.” She hopes that she can use her own experience and experiences to encourage more healthy people to donate love. Donate to help more patients,“I will continue to donate until I am 60 years old, until I am not eligible for blood donation.”

For this reason, we sent an invitation to Yu Zhongying—to make an appointment for her and her partners to help usShare the story of unpaid blood donation.