Precisely control the small meat, but the water and fat are mostly meat, how to choose? depends on your personal needs

There are many types of succulents sold in the market, especially the current live broadcast sales are more and more Popular, succulent plants, many people also like to buy succulents through live broadcast, and many merchants will also sell succulents through live broadcast.

For now, the succulents sold in the market are nothing more than There are two types. The most common one is the succulent that grows through water and fertilizer. The succulent grows very large and the leaves are very thick. This is a currency in the market and is sold by most merchants. There are some succulents that have been raised after a long period of time. The succulent ones are smaller and more delicate.

Precisely controlled small and succulent, water and fertilizer to grow big Succulent, how should we choose between these two types of succulents? When most people choose succulents, they will choose the carefully controlled small succulents. Even if the price is slightly higher, you still have to choose the big, small and exquisite ones. Many people will not buy succulents that are stimulated by water and fertilizer.

The two types of succulents have their own benefits, for this How to choose the two types of succulents? It depends on your personal needs. Many people raise succulents for the sake of appearance and appearance, so you can choose the small succulents of Jinkong, at least in terms of color and size, they should better meet your needs.

If you have enough time and sufficient maintenance experience, I It is recommended that you choose succulents that are watered and fertilized. When you buy them home, you can directly chop them off. You can keep 4-5 layers of leaves at the top, and 2-3 layers of leaves at the bottom are enough. Cut off the tops and put them on the balcony to dry for two weeks. Then put it on the surface of the flower soil, and then it will naturally take root and grow, and then adopt a precise control method to continue to maintain the succulent roots.

As for the remaining base at the bottom, there is no need to remove it Leave it alone, put it on the balcony and water it normally, and more side buds will naturally burst out later. The side buds only need 2 to 3 months to grow up, and the side buds of the female parent grow to 4-5 cm. You can use a knife Cut it off, continue to dry the roots, and continue to plant in pots after two weeks, so that you can harvest more succulents.

It takes about half a year from beheading to growing side buds, that is, 5~6 Months, at least 4~5 succulents can be harvested. The only trouble is that you need to do more work yourself. When beheading, remember to use a thin thread instead of a knife. The effect of beheading with a thin thread is better.

The meaty state is more of a self-raised one Yes, the reason why I recommend everyone to buy succulents that are stimulated by water and fertilizer is, on the one hand, for the reproduction of succulents, and on the other hand, to make succulents better familiar with our home environment.

Grow succulents by yourself, this is the real state of succulents, the fine-controlled succulents bought from the Internet, followed by our home, the state of succulents is also very easy to happen Other changes.

In a word, buy according to your personal needs. Succulents have a high survival rate and can reproduce continuously.