Loufan County, Taiyuan City: “Three Actions” in Dujiaoqu Township to Create a “Pandemic-Free Village”

Since the establishment of the “epidemic-free community (village)” in Loufan County, Taiyuan City, the Dujiaoqu Town Party Committee has attached great importance to it and acted quickly to hold a town-wide cadre meeting as soon as possible Make arrangements for the establishment of “epidemic-free communities (villages)”, and take the “three major actions” as the starting point to vigorously promote the construction of “epidemic-free towns” and “epidemic-free villages”.

Pioneering action, clear identity

Dujiaoqu Town adheres to the leadership of party building, and regards the establishment of “epidemic-free communities (villages)” as an important focus of the special action of strengthening party building and improving grassroots governance capabilities At the first time, 22 party members were organized to sink to various checkpoints in the town, and the battle of epidemic prevention and control was launched in an all-round way, so that the party flag flew high on the “epidemic line”.

Comrade Cao Junyi said: “I There are 3 identities. First of all, I am a member of the Communist Party. As a member of the Communist Party, I must have the role of a pioneer and model. Secondly, I am a forest ranger. Since I stand at this checkpoint, I must play a protective role. Whether it is for the forest or the “epidemic”, the mission of one card and two defenses is on my shoulders. Third, I am a villager in my village, and epidemic prevention and control is to protect my homeland, which is an unshirkable responsibility.”

Knock on the door, clear the truth

After the deployment meeting, 18 administrative villages were quickly established Starting from the “1 Office 9 Groups” with the leaders of Bao Village as the commander-in-chief, the office of the implementation team office for epidemic prevention and control and disposal work was implemented, and “3 Groups 9 Accounts” were established. At the same time, the “1 Office 9 Groups” were convened to hold The training meeting clarified the responsibilities, clarified the process, and compacted the responsibilities. The grid staff carried out a normalized “door knocking operation” on the same day, insisting on entering the house every two days, comprehensively understanding and dynamically updating the basic situation of various personnel, and updating in real time. At the same time, the grid WeChat group is used for policy publicity, so that more villagers can keep abreast of the epidemic situation and prevention and control requirements.

Heart-to-heart action, close the distance< /span>

Dujiaoqu town distributed “no Epidemic Village” created a grid linking card, which printed the QR code of the micro-grid group and the name and contact information of the grid member. Villagers can scan the code to enter the group to grasp the latest epidemic prevention and control information, so that the micro-grid The communication between party members and villagers has become more convenient, and the “two-way travel” has been truly realized to fight the epidemic together.

Liang Junhong, grid member of Leijiazhuang Village, said: “This card is very important. It not only publicizes the epidemic prevention and control measures, but also allows everyone to All households can find their own contact person, and they can report to their own grid member at any time if there is anything. The grid member logs into the household, and the villagers report. This two-way contact further weaves the epidemic prevention and control contact network, which can effectively To protect the health and life safety of the villagers.”

Source: Loufan Publicity