These few things should be “discarded” after the age of 60. The more you discard, the smoother your life will be

Before middle age, everyone is doing “addition” of life. After middle age, everyone is doing “subtraction” in life.

Compared to addition, the life of “subtraction” is actually the simplest and happiest. Instead of living a tedious and difficult life, it is better to enjoy the simple hours alone.

It’s just that many middle-aged people don’t like to do subtraction in life, and think that “subtraction life” is meaningless. In their eyes, no matter how old they are, the more everything in life, the better.

This “more is better” concept seems to be correct, but in fact it is not entirely correct. Just think, is it better to have as many diseases or disasters as possible? Everything, neither too much nor too little, enough is just right.

The real high-quality life has nothing to do with the so-called “more”, but with “just right”. For example, desires cannot be inflated, nor can they be absent. It is enough to maintain normal desires.

Especially for the elderly who have reached the age of 60, it is time to “abandon” unnecessary things. reward. The so-called “There is something to give”This is the truth.

These things should be discarded after the age of 60. The more you discard, the happier your life will be.

One, there is no need, the discarded.

Modern people are always struggling with “circles”, thinking that the more circles they join, the better, and the more friends around them the better. Are these so-called circles and friends really meaningful?

Some researchers believe that 99% of the contacts around ordinary people are useless . Only the remaining 1% of people have deep feelings and long-term relationships with us.

There is a saying that is very good, friends are everywhere, how many confidants do you have?

We have been in the rivers and lakes for so many years and made countless friends, but how many of them really treat us well ? Maybe, very little. Some people don’t even have real friends.

Retirement is approaching, or has already retired, so there is no need to care about the so-called feelings and relationships. If we have true friends around us, we can cherish them. But if not, then forget it, the person who should be abandoned should be abandoned, and the relationship that should be alienated should be alienated.

Stay away from the cold and emotionless circle, and our quality of life will get better and better.

Second, impractical Thoughts, it’s time to throw them away.

Everyone has unrealistic goals and ideas in their hearts. People always have certain expectations for life, but the more they look forward to, the greater the disappointment.

For example, elderly people hope that their children will “wholeheartedly” take care of their parents; “Smooth” life, for example, a greedy person would hope to be “rich and rich”, and the sky will fall.

These expectations and pursuits will basically not come true. Children have their own families to take care of and their own children to support, so how can they put their minds on their parents?

It is a luxury to live a smooth life. If everyone is going smoothly, isn’t everyone enjoying happiness? So, who will work and who will suffer?

As an ordinary person, don’t have too many unrealistic thoughts. Days are simple. Life, as long as you are grounded. For the rest, you might as well leave it to God to arrange.

People, as long as there are fewer unrealistic thoughts and desires are no longer strong, then life in old age will be easier. Only by reducing desires and grasping the present can we embrace the purest happiness.

Third, if you have an impatient temperament, you should discarded.

As the pace of life continues to accelerate, countless people are trapped in a state of “blind pursuit of speed”. Either impatient here, or irritable there, there is no calmness at all.

I thought that young people would seek speed. Who knows, even the living conditions of middle-aged and elderly people are affected by the fast-paced life. They are irritable, and as the days go by, they feel that something is wrong.

There is such a case. It is about an old man who is about to retire. His mentality is rather irritable, and his daily life is not calm. Who knows, he fell ill after a few months, and he had great physical and mental problems.

When countless people pursue a “fast” life, they all forget one thing, Quick In the end, it’s just that the “disease” came faster, the mentality became worse, and the life became more and more sad.

In old age, if you want to live a happier life, you might as well change your impetuous temperament, The focus is on “cultivating the mind and nature”, calmness is for self-cultivation, thrift is for cultivation of virtue, indifference and ambition, tranquility and long-term development.

The so-called “There are many difficulties in the world when you are restless, and blessings come when you are quiet”< /span>Exactly.

Fourth, everything that has nothing to do with yourself, It’s time to throw it away.

I like this sentence very much:“Hold your hands tightly, you have everything If you open your hands, you will have the whole world.”

What we can grasp is generally related to our “Fated” people and things. For example, who is destined to us, how much money can be earned, and what things can happen to us are all guided by “fate”.

Some people suddenly get rich after five or six, this is his fate Wealth; after some people retire, someone who treats them well will appear, this is hit Fortune; some people have encountered problems, who knows that they will not die, this is a hitgood fate.

As long as everything belongs to us, it is all related to “fate”. Everything that does not belong to us, mostly has nothing to do with us. In this way, it is time to let go and gradually give up.

A Zen master once said, grasp what you can grasp, and let go of what you let go. This is a compulsory homework for a person in his life.

When you reach sixty, be a “follow your heart” person, cherish what you have, and give up what doesn’t belong to you. So, well.

Text/Deer in Shushan