How many marriages a person has, whether the children are blessed or not, are all arranged in the dark


As the saying goes: “If you cultivate for a hundred years, you can cross the same boat, and if you cultivate for a thousand years, you can sleep together.”

The fact that a man and a woman can fall in love, meet each other, get married and have children is destined by the fate of many lifetimes. There is no encounter for no reason, only the companionship of past and present lives.

Once in a good match, the family is getting better and better, and the children are full of blessings. The so-called “a good relationship is formed long ago, and a good couple is formed naturally”.

The inhumane encounter has been delayed for a lifetime, and even children have been affected. This is a result that is difficult to change. There are some evil fates, which must be endured after all.

Someone raised such a doubt, if you can travel through time and space and go back to the past, will your own destiny be different? change?

Sorry to say, no. Because the people we meet are inevitable in life. When to get married and when to have offspring, this is a decree “determined by the sky”.

Just like we open the “history book”, everything recorded in the history book is It is a fixed number. No matter how we modify it, what should happen will happen eventually. No one can stop the inevitable trend.

It can only be said that the fate of marriage and the blessings of children are all arranged in the dark.


I have seen many cases that make people “sigh and lament”.

Some men are very honest and hardworking, who knowsencountered a bad spouse span>, ruined their whole life. Ever since, they complained about their “honest” selves.

Some women are very virtuous, with a prosperous face, unfortunatelyencountered “mud help The spouse who does not go to the wall has affected my life. In the end, the more they live, the less happy they are.

As these “mismatches” become more and more, a concept emerges – good people are not rewarded, and good people No reward.

Why is it difficult for honest men and virtuous women to meet spouses with similar views? Because God does not allow a “perfect” life to exist.

That is to say, if we haven’t met bad people, then we don’t know the kindness of honest people. We would not know how good a person is if we don’t meet a debt collector.

Some people come to us to collect debts. For example, a virtuous woman has been working as a cow and a horse in the family all her life, and she may not have any good fruit to eat. Perhaps, no matter how they choose, they will still come to this home.

Some people come to us for revenge. For example, when an honest man meets a woman who makes him uncomfortable, no matter how much he pays, in the end, maybe even the child is not his own, and his whole life will be a mess.

All tragic marriages are not so much personal problems, but rather It’s an arrangement of fate.


Whether marriage is happy or not, there is cause and effect.

Buddha said: “Depending on rise and fall, on gathering and off, everything is God’s will. “

Since there is a bad fate, there must be a sweeter marriage. Some couples know each other and stay together For the rest of your life, although you live a good life, you can at least live in harmony. This is the beauty that has gone through the test of time.

The partner owed you in the previous life He will come to repay your debt in this life. No matter how down and down you are, he will come to your side and share joys and sorrows with you for the rest of your life.

Like those successful people, why do they have a successful partner behind them?Because the meeting between these two people is to “achieve each other”.< /strong>

I have made your happy and stable family, and you have made your career a successful life. In the final analysis, I came to you to help you shelter from the wind and rain and help you remove obstacles.

Therefore, people You will feel jealous, why are other people’s partners so good, but your own is so bad?Sometimes, it’s not someone else’s partner who is good, but your own life, that’s how it is 。

In this life, from the moment of birth, cause and effect have appeared. Then his twenty or thirty years later Marriage partner is also in the calculation of cause and effect.Is it good or not, I can’t let myself decide, but it is determined by cause and effect.

This is the so-called“Foreign destiny”.


Whether children are blessed, with parents Marriage is closely related.

What kind of parents there are, what kind of children there are. Whether the parents are blessed or not, the children will also be influenced by their parents.

As mentioned above, marriage is determined by God. Therefore, what kind of children come to our house, what they will become, is also indirectly disturbed by “God’s will”. The fate of parents is mostly the fate of their children.

In a loving and harmonious family, the children are milder, less irritable, and more correct in their views. The children raised by this kind of family will not be worse.

Husbands and wives are violent people, always arguing over small things, just like enemies, then their children will also change Get grumpy. No matter how good the children are, they are not much better.

A generation of parents affects the cause and effect of a generation of children. When it comes to the generation of grandchildren, it will also be affected by the generation of children. The karma and blessings of a family will eventually be “passed down from generation to generation”.

For “marriage”, people still It is better to be cautious. Before getting married, you must recognize your fate. After marriage, try to keep the marriage on track. Don’t let the misfortune of marriage affect the lives of your children and future generations.

There are certain variables arranged in the dark. How to choose and how to resolve it depends on one’s own ability and courage. We must firmly believe that,everything is karma, and everything is fate.

Text/Deer in Shushan