It is called “Asian ginseng” in Japan, but it is only a wild vegetable in rural areas of our country. Why?

The treasures bestowed by nature on the countryside can be said to be inexhaustible, but they can only be captured by our eyes that are good at developing beauty and value. In the countryside, the most indispensable thing is wild vegetables. Wild vegetables generally grow in the mountains and on both sides of the road. Farmers will pick some wild vegetables and find ways to make delicious food. The rest may be Came to feed the pigs, but nothing wasted.

In the rural areas of our country, there is a kind of plant that is regarded as a wild vegetable, but in Japan, it is It is called “Asian ginseng”, which shows how valuable it is. Do you know what this plant is?

“Asian ginseng” in the Japanese population

It is well known that ” “Ginseng” is a very precious and highly valuable plant, which is enough to show how popular this plant is, because it is a health-care vegetable, which is “Yanghuo Ginger”.

Yanghuo ginger is a perennial herb belonging to Zingiberaceae, and the reason why it is called Yanghuojiang is also named because its shape is like a match head, so it is named so vividly. In fact, the scientific name of Yanghuojiang is Minghe. Yanghuo ginger is widely distributed in our country, and now it is cultivated in many places. Its main value is reflected in its practicality. Of course, it can also be planted as a potted plant, which is very good.

Yanghuo ginger generally grows in southern my country and is also suitable for growth. This is because Yanghuojiang is a shade-tolerant plant that has high requirements on the environment. The soil needs to be fertile and moist, and the sunshine time should be long, so as to ensure the growth of Yanghuojiang. If you are interested in planting, you can also plant it. Try it yourself.

The value of Yanghuo ginger

Since in the Japanese population, Yanghuo ginger has become ” Asian ginseng”, which certainly proves its value is very rich. First of all, Yanghuo ginger contains a variety of amino acids, as well as a large amount of protein and vitamins. It is very beneficial to eat Yanghuo ginger regularly, and its nutritional value is very rich. In addition, Yanghuo ginger also has a unique aroma, which can play a role in repelling insects.


Now in the market, the price of matcha ginger has also risen. Now the price has reached more than 10 yuan a catty. Because Yanghuo ginger still has certain medicinal value, many pharmaceutical companies will purchase Yanghuo ginger to use as a traditional Chinese medicine, and the effect is also very fast.

How to Use Match Ginger

Match Ginger and Common Ginger The same, they all have to be made into dishes. There are two ways to eat foreign fire ginger. The first is cold dressing. First, wash the foreign fire ginger and cook it in a pot. When it is half cooked, add the seasonings you want to eat, stir and eat; the other is It is used to stir-fry with meat and eaten as an auxiliary material; of course, you can also make Yanghuo ginger into pickles.

Nowadays people’s lives are getting better I don’t care about Yanghuo ginger, a health-preserving plant. It is a plant that can be eaten all year round. It has a very crisp taste and will not feel greasy, especially if it is eaten in summer, it can also set fire to everyone , comes with refreshing.


Now wild matches Ginger is not common anymore, but we can also buy the cultivated kind. The price may be more than 10 yuan now. You can also buy it home and taste it yourself, or simply learn how to plant it yourself.