These 8 diseases cannot be cured! Saying it can be cured is a lie

“I heard that XX can cure diabetes” “I heard that who can cure high blood pressure”…In life, many people have heard similar rumors.

Actually, in clinical practice, there are many diseases that can only be relieved by drugs or other means to achieve the purpose of relieving symptoms and delaying the development of the disease, and cannot be completely cured. Many patients “returned to the doctor in a panic”, and were eventually defrauded of money and harmed their bodies.

There is no cure for these 8 diseases,

Don’t go to the hospital again!

1. Diabetes

Diabetes is A common chronic metabolic disease. Yang Chuan, director of the Diabetes Department of Sun Yat-sen Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, said in an interview with Health Times in 2018 that type 2 diabetes cannot be cured, and it is mainly controlled through long-term regulation of drugs. The diabetes treatment device on the market is only an adjuvant treatment method with drugs, and cannot cure diabetes. At the same time, the current treatment methods for diabetes are mainly insulin injections and oral drugs. Other various treatment methods cannot fundamentally control blood sugar. Blind withdrawal of drugs can easily cause danger. ①

Although diabetes cannot be completely cured, diabetes can be completely controlled. As long as the patient controls various metabolic indicators well, the complications of diabetes can be effectively prevented to a large extent, so that the patient can obtain a life expectancy close to that of a healthy person.

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2 . Rheumatic disease

Rheumatic immune disease is a chronic disease related to the autoimmune system. Many elderly people suffer from it all year round. Severe cases can lead to joint deformation and disability. So many people went to seek medical treatment, hoping to be completely cured as soon as possible.

The Chief Physician of the Department of Rheumatism and Immunology, Tangdu Hospital, Air Force Military Medical University reminded in an interview with Health Times in June 2019 that if there is joint and muscle pain, low back pain and stiffness, blood test Serological abnormalities and abnormal immunological examinations may indicate rheumatic diseases. And most rheumatic diseases are chronic progressive diseases and cannot be cured, but most rheumatic diseases can be controlled, just like controlling chronic diseases such as hypertension. ②

3. Hypertension

Hypertension is now Now it has become one of the chronic diseases that plague most people, and many people need long-term medication. Therefore, a complete “radical cure” of high blood pressure is the wish of many patients.

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Fuwai Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Professor Zhang Yuqing of the Department of Cardiology emphasized in an interview with Health Times in 2019 that high blood pressure cannot be cured at present. The main purpose of clinical treatment of hypertension is to promote blood pressure to reach the target. For patients, this means taking antihypertensive drugs for life. It is necessary to remind patients that they must use antihypertensive drugs under the guidance of doctors, and do not listen to blind faith. itself.

Professor Zhang Yuqing reminded that in addition to drug treatment, patients can also assist in reducing blood pressure by adjusting their lives. Including salt restriction, weight control, restriction of alcohol consumption, physical exercise and so on. The second is measures to control other cardiovascular risk factors, including smoking cessation, limiting dietary intake of total fat, saturated fatty acids and cholesterol to control serum cholesterol. ③

4. Asthma

Asthma is also very troublesome a human disease. In particular, some children have asthma at a very young age, and it has continued, so it has become a patient’s dream to cure it. I often see advertisements claiming that it can cure asthma and is a remedies and secret recipe for asthma, but such advertisements are basically unbelievable.

Professor Huang Mao, director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital, reminded in a Health Times article in 2016 that asthma cannot be “radically cured”, and the medical community can only effectively control asthma , rather than a complete cure. An ad is considered exaggeration if it claims that its medicine can cure asthma. Professor Huang Mao introduced that although asthma cannot be cured, 80% of asthma patients can achieve good control through standardized treatment, and some patients can even completely get rid of drugs after 2 to 3 years of standardized treatment and live and work normally. ④

5. Alzheimer’s

We usually say Alzheimer’s disease generally refers to Alzheimer’s disease, which is a neurodegenerative disease with insidious onset and progressive development. It is clinically characterized by memory impairment, mobility impairment, and personality changes. The clinical onset of Alzheimer’s disease is irreversible, and there is currently no good drug to control the progression of the disease. At present, the approved Alzheimer’s disease drugs can only improve the symptoms and cannot cure the disease.

Han Ying, chief physician of the Department of Neurology, Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University, published an article in Baijia in October 2021, introducing whether Alzheimer’s disease can be cured or not, is a world The problem is that scientists all over the world are still doing research in the field of Alzheimer’s disease. Although there is no complete cure, it can delay the treatment and reduce the progression of the disease. ⑤

6. Myopia

The child has myopia , Many parents hope that there is some way to help children get rid of myopia and cure myopia. In fact, there is currently no way to “cure” myopia.

Many people ask, isn’t myopia surgery a cure for myopia? In 2021, Wei Wenbin, vice president and director of the Department of Ophthalmology of Beijing Tongren Hospital, said in the “National “The Open University, Famous Teachers’ Good Lessons” program said, “So far, there is no drug or surgery that can cure myopia. The operation of myopia is only to remove glasses for everyone, but the state of myopia will never change. Especially high myopia and super high myopia cause changes in our eyeballs. ”⑥


slow Obstructive lung, through the name, you can see its characteristics, one is a chronic disease; the other is obstruction, that is, the airway of inhalation and exhalation is blocked, that is, there is an obstacle to the ventilation function, and then the lung disease is caused by It is a series of lung diseases, so it usually occurs in patients with long-term smoking or some long-term dust inhalation damage. Many patients with COPD hope to seek a way to completely cure COPD.

< p>Wang Ruiying, deputy chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of Shanxi University Hospital, reminded in a Health Times article in December 2018 that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cannot be cured, but it is preventable and curable. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is an irreversible Chronic airway inflammatory disease characterized by airflow limitation is progressive and requires long-term maintenance therapy. Long-term drug therapy can prevent and control symptoms, reduce the frequency and severity of acute exacerbations, and improve exercise tolerance and quality of life.⑦< /span>

8. Psoriasis

Many psoriasis Patients have misunderstandings about the basic knowledge of psoriasis, and some hope to pursue a cure once and for all, and listen to various remedies and secret recipes.

Gu Jun, director of the Department of Dermatology of Shanghai Changhai Hospital in 2016, was receiving In an interview with Health Times, psoriasis is a chronic relapsing disease, and there is currently no cure for it. The only way to slow down the progression of the disease or avoid its recurrence is through regular medication and life management. It is a so-called “radical cure” medicine, which not only delays the treatment, but some “secret recipes” even endanger life.⑧

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