The fuel surcharge that was complained of as “extremely high” has dropped!

This summer,

Many netizens encountered “air ticket assassins”,

Open the ticketing software,

Shows the flight ticket of five hundred yuan,

Happy to go in and pay,

The price changes to seven or eight hundred in seconds,

Take a closer look,

The fuel surcharge for the machine building was 250 yuan.

Some flights even showed up,

When the surcharge is more expensive than the air ticket.

Compared with trains and high-speed rail,

The price of the air ticket itself is more expensive,

Plus a 200 yuan surcharge,

Directly persuaded many travelers.

Actually, the airport construction fee of RMB 50 has not changed.

The price increase is fuel surcharge,

Since the resumption of collection in February this year,

For flight segments below 800km and above,

Fuel surcharges of RMB 10 and RMB 20 are charged respectively.

Since then, the fuel surcharge has ushered in five consecutive increases.

The last price increase,

For flight segments below 800km and above,

It has risen to 100 yuan and 200 yuan respectively,

Directly push the domestic route fuel surcharge to a record high.

However, with the recovery of the aviation market,

The good news also came quietly,

From a number of domestic airlines,

Starting today (August 5),

Adjust the fuel surcharge collection standard for domestic passenger transportation.

After five consecutive gains,

The fuel surcharge has finally been lowered for the first time.

The specific adjustments are as follows:

The fuel surcharge for routes with a distance of less than 800 kilometers (inclusive) is RMB 80 per segment; the fuel surcharge for routes with a distance of more than 800 kilometers is RMB 140 per segment. Infant passengers are exempted; children, revolutionary disabled soldiers, disabled people’s police on duty will be charged half of the actual fee, that is, the fee for each flight segment below 800 kilometers (inclusive) is 40 yuan/person, and the flight distance is 800 kilometers. The fee for each flight segment above is 70 yuan per person.

The actual amount charged is subject to the calculation result of the system.

In simple terms, you can save up to 60 yuan.

It is currently the peak summer travel period,

Expert introduction,

The price adjustment means lower fuel costs for airlines,

Coupled with the recent drop in industry average ticket prices,

For travelers,

Lower travel costs and more choices,

As the domestic travel market picks up,

There may be more and more good news like this.