These 5 kinds of food, the effect of calcium supplementation is not worse than milk, middle-aged and elderly people often eat, balanced nutrition and save money

The human body is composed of a variety of substances, and daily supplementation of various nutrients is also very important. However, with age, the loss of calcium in the human body will accelerate, and bone strength Gradually decreasing, more calcium supply is needed at this time, so people usually drink milk to provide the body with more sufficient nutritional energy.

As we all know, the nutritional value of milk is very high, rich in calcium and other nutrients, but it is not Everyone can fully absorb and digest. Drinking too much milk can sometimes cause obesity. Some middle-aged and elderly friends are prone to various physical discomforts due to weak gastrointestinal function. The impact is not worth the candle.

It is recommended that middle-aged and elderly friends can supplement their bodies with enough calcium through food supplements. The following 5 foods The content of calcium element is relatively high, the nutrition is comprehensive and the cost performance is high, so let’s find out together.

1. Hawthorn

When people mention hawthorn, the first thing they think of is its appetizing effect, because the taste is sour, so people often take it Hawthorn is used as a snack fruit, but it contains more nutrients, among which the content of calcium is relatively high. For middle-aged and elderly people, hawthorn is easy to digest and friendly, and regular consumption is also good for the body.

Some friends can’t accept the sour taste of hawthorn, you can also replace it withSeven Dufang Hawthorn Pills to eat, its overall taste is sweet and sour, after reconciled with yam and jujube, the original sour taste of hawthorn is reduced, and it also contains nourishing ingredients such as gallinaceous gold and poria cocos. A sweet and sour taste, it is also very convenient to eat.

Different from other hawthorn pills, Qidufang hawthorn pills do not use sucrose Add seasoning, but made with natural honey, low calorie without burden, more at ease when eating.

2. Shrimp skin

Dishes and soups often use shrimp skin to enhance freshness, but in fact shrimp skin is also rich in calcium and has nutritional value It is relatively high, and even contains more comprehensive nutrients than some fish such as large yellow croaker and pomfret, so people will cook it in various ways. Middle-aged and elderly people can also add appropriate amount of shrimp skin to the salty soup to enhance the taste At the same time, it can also add more nutrients.


3. Mung beans

Many soy foods are also rich in nutrients , Among them, mung beans are generally loved by middle-aged and elderly people. Not only do they have a high calcium content, but they also have a significant nourishing effect on the body when eaten regularly. They have a good maintenance effect when made into cakes or porridge.

For better absorption, middle Elderly friends can prepare some Sanchuan Guifang Green Cake to eat at home. It is not only made of mung beans, but also specially added with honeysuckle, green plum, walnut kernel and other ingredients that can clear away heat and moisten dryness, which is nutritious Upgraded, richer taste.

Compared with the traditional mung bean cake, the texture of Sanchuan Guifang Green Cake is more dense and soft , so it will be more chewy when eaten, and it can make people feel full, so it is also very suitable for middle-aged and elderly friends to eat it as breakfast.

4. Eggs

As one of the important foods in people’s life, the nutritional value of eggs should not be underestimated. Both egg white and egg yolk contain comprehensive nutrients, especially calcium and protein, which have a positive effect on improving the physical condition of middle-aged and elderly people.

Of course, middle-aged and elderly friends should also pay attention to the method when eating eggs. The number of eggs per day should be controlled within 2 to avoid Eating too much will burden the stomach and cause physical discomfort.

5. Black sesame

Meal replacement food for middle-aged and elderly people often choose black sesame paste, not only because of the mellow taste of black sesame itself, but also Because it is rich in nutrients, it is helpful for nourishing hair and supplementing calcium. Regular consumption can also have a moisturizing effect, and it will also relieve some seasonal discomforts that often occur in the body.

In addition to black sesame paste, middle-aged and elderly friends can also eat some Seven degrees square five black cake< /strong>For a change of taste, it is processed with the traditional craft of nine steaming and nine drying. In the process, many nutritious ingredients such as black rice, black beans, and black wolfberry are also added. The pastry is loose and soft, sweet and not greasy. , delicious and convenient.

And Qidu Fang Wu Hei Cake always adheres to the concept of pure natural production, without adding any flavor, The coloring and sweetness are also formulated with low-calorie maltose, the nutrition is more pure, and the middle-aged and elderly people are very relieved to eat.

Tips: Strong bones not only depend on dietary supplements, middle-aged and elderly people also need to develop the habit of basking in the sun frequently, supplementing natural calcium will help improve the body Conditions, spend your old age comfortably and comfortably.