What is it like for older adults to have extramarital affairs? Three old men speak their minds


We must know that many things in life are really not easy. As an elderly person, if If there is an extramarital affair, there must be a reason. In real life, the elderly will have twilight love, so in real life, we must know that everything can be forgiven, as long as we can correct our mistakes.

What is it like for an elderly person to have an affair? The three old men spoke their minds.

Ms. Wang:

The reason why the elderly have extramarital affairs is actually because the current family life is not very happy. If it is not a last resort, they will generally not do it Making such a choice, in fact, everyone has their own life, sometimes lack of feelings, and feelings will occur inexplicably, in fact, most of the time it is involuntary.

In our life, some things are like this, most of the time it is not easy, we must face life, in fact, more Don’t think too much at the time, but as a woman, you have your own love and your own choices after you get old, because, for the sake of life, you are often forced to.

The occurrence of extramarital relationships is actually very normal, as long as there is no cross-border behavior between two people. Everything happens for a reason, we don’t need to be sad, and we don’t need to be sad, as long as you feel that life is easy now, after all, life is really not easy.

Ms. Gui:

After old age, we must understand that our own way of life will not easily produce other feelings unless it is a last resort. If you live a happy life, you will not have an extramarital affair. Sometimes the days of extramarital affairs are really not so good.

There are many things in life, we must seriously consider, don’t always think too much, when a woman has extramarital affairs, in fact, just follow a Just treat it with a normal mind. Don’t always feel that life is meaningless, because in real life, everything is possible. Relax, in fact, everything can happen naturally.

The occurrence of extramarital affairs is actually to make life full of fun. Old people would not do other things before. A lot of times we have to deal with it really. Only in this way can we make our life better. If you don’t know how to do it, you will find that everything in your life is really bad.

Ms. Gong:

After a woman has an extramarital affair, generally speaking, she will not do other things. There is still a big gap compared with the young people who have a partner, so the relationship between the two is willing, and on this basis, the life between the two can still be passed.

In fact, when you enter old age, you will know that when you are lonely in your life, if someone is with you , In the eyes of others, it is an extramarital affair, but in fact puberty has passed, and nothing else will happen, because there is a gap between young people and men and women. The elderly have experienced all kinds of things, but they just need their own life. Some.

There is a big gap between young and old in matters between men and women, so they cannot be generalized. Sometimes extramarital affairs are inevitable, but as long as you manage with your heart, you will find that everything in life is good and not so complicated. Some things, if you think too much, you will find that they are very complicated. If you don’t think about anything, life will be better.