Men’s powerlessness is rooted in kidney deficiency, and four traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions are used to accurately treat different symptoms

Chinese medicine believes that a series of problems of male dysfunction are rooted in kidney deficiency. The kidney is the foundation of innate nature, storing the essence of innate nature, the foundation of yin and yang in viscera, and the origin of life. Therefore, when treating diseases such as male dysfunction, we often start with nourishing the kidney to improve from the root cause, and at the same time choose different traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for patients with different symptoms.


Prescription: Tribulus terrestris, bupleurum, hive, cistanche, dodder, schisandra, Morinda officinalis, centipede, calamus, etc.

Efficacy: It has the effects of soothing the liver and relieving stagnation, promoting blood circulation and tonifying the kidney.

Applicable to: Functional problems caused by liver depression and kidney deficiency combined with blood stasis syndrome, lifting without firmness, chest tightness, fullness of chest and flanks, soreness of waist and knees, anxiety, pale tongue Or have ecchymosis, stringy or thready pulse.


Prescription: Rehmannia glutinosa, aconite, cinnamon, yam, dogwood, dodder, antler gum, wolfberry, angelica, eucommia.

Efficacy: It has the effect of warming and tonifying kidney yang, replenishing essence and arresting nocturnal emission.

Suitable for: Insufficient kidney yang, weak vital energy, sore waist and knees, lack of energy, shyness and aversion to cold, impotence, loose stools, frequent and clear urination .


Prescription: Red ginseng, antler, hippocampus, medlar, clove, achyranthes, Cynomorium , Rehmannia glutinosa, psoralen, dodder, Eucommia, etc.

Efficacy: It has the effects of strengthening the body and nourishing the brain, strengthening the kidney and nourishing qi, and increasing appetite.

Suitable for: patients with kidney deficiency and yang weakness, memory loss, night dream essence overflow, waist soreness and leg weakness, qi deficiency cough, early morning diarrhea, and loss of appetite.


Prescription: Rehmannia glutinosa, Chinese yam, Cornus officinalis, Poria cocos, Moutan bark, Alisma, Guizhi, aconite, Achyranthes bidentata, Plantago seed, etc.

Efficacy: It has the effect of warming and tonifying kidney yang, transforming qi and promoting water.

Suitable for: patients with kidney deficiency and edema, sore waist and knees, difficulty urinating, and chills.

The kidney is a very important organ of the body, and the importance of the kidney to the body is recognized. In traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys represent good health. Once the kidneys are deficient, the immunity is weakened, and it is easy to suffer from various diseases, so don’t underestimate kidney deficiency.

Reminder: The above prescriptions are for reference only, and the dosage needs to be dialectically based on individual circumstances. If you have the same problem, you can leave a message to me, and I will help you dialectically analyze and answer.