These 4 sleep habits make people sleep more and more tired, and may be more harmful than staying up late, so pay attention

Nowadays, staying up late has become the normal life of many people. At night, some people are busy working overtime, while others are busy chasing dramas, playing game.

In fact, sleep is very important to ensure good health. In daily life, if we stay up late frequently , Not only will it affect the mental state of the next day, but it may also have an adverse effect on physical health.

But what many people don’t know is that in the process of sleeping, there are 4 habits that may make people The more you sleep, the more tired you become. It can be said that these habits are more harmful to the body than staying up late. It is recommended that you check yourself. If you also have these habits, it is recommended to correct them as soon as possible to prevent them from affecting your health.

1. Lie down Sleep

Many people are used to sleeping on their stomachs, but maintaining this sleeping position for a long time is not good for your health. This is because during the process of sleeping on the stomach, the eyeballs of the human body will be compressed, which will lead to excessive intraocular pressure.

Over time, it will also increase the axial length of the eye and swell the eyeball, which in turn will cause vision loss.

In addition, sleeping on your stomach can easily compress your face and arms, which will affect the normal blood circulation and In this case, it is easy to make people feel sore arms when they wake up, and if the situation is more serious, it may even cause local nerve paralysis.

2. Sleep with your head covered

In some cold seasons, many friends like to sleep with their heads covered, thinking that it is more warm.

But in fact, this kind of sleep habit can easily make people have difficulty breathing, because in During the process of sleeping, the carbon dioxide concentration in the quilt will continue to rise, while the oxygen content will gradually decrease. In this case, it is easy to cause damage to the human brain.

At the same time, for friends who have the habit of sleeping with their heads covered, they may also use The lack of oxygen to the brain is also detrimental to physical health.

3. Sleep with your arms on your pillow

When sleeping, many people don’t need pillows, but they are used to sleeping with their arms on their pillows. , forearm and other parts of the phenomenon of paralysis.

At the same time, sleeping with your arms on your pillow can easily lead to stagnation of Qi and blood in your limbs. If Qi and blood flow is not smooth, it may induce a series of diseases. In order to ensure your health, it is recommended that you do not sleep with your arms on your back.

4. Emotional excitement before going to bed

In fact, the mood before going to bed will more or less affect the quality of sleep. Generally speaking, if everyone is in a state of agitation before going to bed, it is likely to affect the quality of subsequent sleep.

This is because the emotion is too excited, it is easy to affect the endocrine system, which leads to the disorder of hormone metabolism in the body, In this case, it is easy to make people suffer from insomnia.

In short, whether it is staying up late or the above-mentioned bad sleep habits, it is not conducive to the protection of health. Therefore, we must develop regular work and rest habits in our daily life.

In the process of sleeping, we also need to try to avoid the above four bad sleep habits, only in this way can we Get enough sleep to prevent threats to your health.

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