Changning’s high fashion brand GRACE CHEN launches a new collection!

Inspired by the famous novel “Dream of Red Mansions”, “Dream of Red Mansions” GRACE CHEN 2022 autumn and winter haute couture series was recently closed as the 11th Shanghai Haute Couture Week The finale of the big show is released. This is also the first work of the “Chinese Classical Literature” trilogy launched by GRACE CHEN following the “Chinese Culture” tetralogy of “Chinese Fengya·Qin Qi Calligraphy and Painting”.

GRACE CHEN from Changning is the top brand of high fashion in China. It was launched by the famous fashion designer Chen Yehuai in Shanghai in 2009 Founded in 2010, it advocates the combination of Chinese and Western styles, the combination of rigidity and softness, and grand elegance, which is unique on the world fashion stage. This season, GRACE CHEN takes the “Dream of Red Mansions” series as the carrier, draws on the humanistic spirit of “delicacy and restraint” and “indifferent and exquisite” in “Dream of Red Mansions”, and uses modern design techniques of pragmatism to create a fusion that contains the aesthetics of “Dream of Red Mansions”. High-end fashion that fits the current life scene.

“The deep court is long and quiet, and two or two come out beautifully. The green wax spring is still rolling, and the red makeup stays up at night…” Dressed in white, holding a “Baoyu” with a red oil-paper umbrella read a poem on the runway. Unconventional, the release show of the “Dream of Red Mansions” series has been built into an immersive dream stage of Red Mansions interlaced with virtual and real, with rising fog and cascading light and shadow.

Chen Yehuai introduced that as a Chinese designer, it is a must to integrate traditional Chinese culture into modern life. mission. The creation of the “Dream of Red Mansions” series aims to use imagination to inspire contemporary people’s pursuit and exploration of a better life.

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Combining the scenes and images in “A Dream of Red Mansions”, This series draws many traditional Chinese colors, including the pure moon white of the white begonia chanted by Daiyu, the rich vermilion of red plums folded by Baoyu, and the delicate pink that reminds people of “the east wind is soft outside the peach blossom curtain”. There are clear blue, light yellow, dark black, green green… In terms of tailoring, GRACE CHEN has made bold innovations in the modeling of Chinese classical clothing, integrating the figure and comfort of modern people into the temperament of classical Chinese.

< p data-track="16">Among the whole series, the reporter was particularly impressed with the Xiaoxiang Hualuo dress. The dress was inspired by the Xiaoxiang Pavilion where Daiyu lived, and used the three-dimensional embroidery technology of falling flower lace; sky blue and stone green, Silk and organza are intertwined, creating a feeling of secluded green bamboos and gurgling streams; snow-white lace flowers are decorated in it, like falling flowers.

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“The “Dream of Red Mansions” series not only endows fashion with a ‘soul’ with exquisite high-definition handicrafts, but also hopes to awaken people from a macro perspective by allowing high-end fashion to ‘moisten things silently’ A sense of identity with Chinese traditional culture and a sense of responsibility to pass on Chinese traditional culture. “Chen Yehuai said.

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Text: Li Songnan

Editor: Li Bingqian

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