These 4 kinds of home appliances have gradually “fallen to the altar”, seemingly very high-end, but in fact they are all IQ tax

Nowadays, many young people pay attention to appearance and style when buying home appliances. If you are the same, then it is really easy to step on the thunder. When I bought home appliances for the first time, < span> I don’t understand anything, and I have been cheated for thousands of dollars in vain.

These home appliances shared today have gradually” Falling from the altar”, although it looks very advanced, actually it is all IQ tax, if you are still buying at home, you will be taken advantage of!

The first: Projector

Now many young people are pursuing the effect of watching movies on a large screen, so many more people choose projectors than TVs, but once you install a projector at home After that, you will know how tasteless it is.

Although the projector can project onto any wall, it requires a lot of light High, If there is enough light at home, the resolution of the projected image will be very low, which will seriously affect the viewing experience.

When using the projector during the day, you need to open the curtains, Turning off the lights at night, Watching movies in such an environment for a long time will damage our eyes and reduce vision.

The clarity and picture quality of the projector are both TV can’t be compared. If the budget is sufficient, you can buy a TV with a large display. Don’t choose a projector. If you want to choose a projector, you can install one in the bedroom, not in the living room!

The second: fresh air system

Nowadays, every household chooses a fresh air system when decorating, but many novices don’t even know what a fresh air system is, so they install it stupidly. If there is no problem with indoor ventilation, there is no need to install a fresh air system .


To put it bluntly, the fresh air system is to exchange indoor air and outdoor air, If you want to take a breath, you can usually open and close the window.

If a fresh air system is installed, not only will the power consumption be higher, It will also cause the indoor temperature to drop. In fact, there is no need to install it in the north. It is more suitable for installation in the south where it is too humid.

The third item: water purifier

Water purifier is a household appliance that will be installed in every household to filter impurities in water.

However, when you choose a water purifier, don’t choose one that is too expensive. Or the price of big brands is really around two to three thousand. Although the price is expensive, but it has the same filtering effect as the cheap ones.

In addition to the expensive unit price, the imported water purifier also needs to replace the filter element regularly. The price of the water purifier is not cheap. It is recommended that you choose a cheap model when buying a water purifier, and you don’t need to buy an expensive one.

Type 4: Instant water heater

In order to have a good bathing environment, many people will install instant water heaters at home. The disadvantage is that it consumes a lot of electricity, and the power is relatively large. If it is used after installation, it may cause tripping.

If you buy a cheap water heater, there may be safety hazards. It is recommended that you buy an ordinary electric water heater, and the effect is good. There is really no need to buy an expensive instant water heater.

Xiaomi’s summary:

Today I believe everyone has seen the 5 electrical appliances shared, but they have been gradually eliminated by the times. If you want to buy them, it is better to think carefully. After all, although these electrical appliances have certain disadvantages, they also have many advantages at first. It’s better for everyone to choose according to their own needs, don’t just look at the appearance and style!