After waking up in the morning, the mouth is bitter and smelly? Generally, these 4 diseases

Pay attention to oral hygiene, rinse your mouth in time after eating, and develop a good habit of brushing your teeth, which can reduce the accumulation of food residues, and at the same time avoid a large number of plaque bacteria, which can protect the gums and teeth role. However, some people have poor oral hygiene conditions, and they will show bad breath, and even have a bitter mouth after getting up. To understand the specific triggering reasons, if some diseases are developing, it is better to deal with them as soon as possible.

What’s the matter with bad breath?

1. Periodontitis

The first reaction of most people with bad breath is the health of the oral cavity itself. Indeed, this phenomenon will occur in the development of some oral diseases, such asperiodontal disease . Usually do not take good care of the oral cavity, poor hygienic conditions, a large number of dental plaque bacteria may cause local inflammation, the more common manifestation is span>Bleeding gums, tooth pain.

There are still some peopleThe teeth are gradually loosening, Or an unpleasant odor in the mouth is a development of the disease. In order to improve the condition as soon as possible, you should regularly clean your teeth to remove dental calculus and reduce the production of dental plaque. Of course, the work of oral care should not be left behind. Develop a good habit of rinsing your mouth after meals and brushing your teeth in the morning and evening. impact can be mitigated.

2. Liver problems

Bitter mouth and bad breath as a variety of health There will be manifestations of the problem, and we need to learn to distinguish them. There are many people whose liver is not well protected, and liver fire is strong, and mouth will send out bad smell Smell, and at the same time have symptoms such as eye discharge, headache, insomnia, etc., need to be suspicious The anger is strong.

Long timeEmotional disorders, improper diet, irregular work and rest, will indirectly damage the liver< /span>. People with strong liver fire need to improve as soon as possible through drug conditioning and diet adjustment, and usually drink more health-preserving teas that clear away heat and reduce fire, such ashoneysuckle tea, dandelion teaetc.

3. Stomach disease caused by Helicobacter pylori infection

When I wake up in the morning,bitter breath, it is necessary to judge whether it is compatible Associated with reduced stomach function. Usually do not pay attention to hygiene issues, share tableware with others, and do not wash hands frequently before and after meals. These bad behaviors will allow the invasion of Helicobacter pylori Increased risk.

The bacteria can parasitize in the stomach of the human body, and then develop continuously, and finally cause stomach disease< /span>. However, the early signs of health problems caused by Helicobacter pylori infection are not obvious. span>stomach pain, indigestion, evenbitter mouth, bad breath Phenomenon, it is necessary to take medication in time to control the condition and actively improve gastric function.

4. Chronic bronchitis

Usually pay attention to the protection of the respiratory system, when going outWear a mask, pay attention to keeping warm in autumn and winter, and pay attention to hygiene, these are good habits Cultivation, respiratory system function remains normal, and diseases can be kept away. Some people have bad breath and bitter breath, in factRespiratory diseaseis developing.

Mouth and airways are interconnected , many respiratory diseases can cause bad breath from the mouth, chronic bronchitis among them. During development It is also accompanied by symptoms such as excessive sputum secretion and cough. After the disease is discovered, it is necessary to understand its type and severity, and then cooperate with subsequent treatment , recuperate and recover as soon as possible.