Pension marketing is coming, investors must understand the “rules of the game”

From November 25, personal pension business Officially “fire the gun and start” in 36 leading cities or regions. In just a few days, the first batch of shortlisted banks increased their publicity through various online and offline channels, and actively sought customers through “fancy” marketing methods such as cash red envelopes, consumer coupons, and points for account opening.

“A picture shows what a ‘personal pension’ is”, “How delicious is a personal pension”, “A complete guide to personal pensions”… Open the APP of any mainstream commercial bank, WeChat public No. 1, investment education and recommendation content about personal pensions rushed to the face, and various banks made comprehensive interpretations from various perspectives such as policy, taxation, and investment.

Among the lively publicity, there are still some details that are easily overlooked, and investors need to pay special attention.

“Get old before getting rich” has become a hot word among many young people in recent years. If the “pension finance” launched by financial institutions two years ago is aimed at elderly customers, then the personal pension system for young people this time is the real “pension”. “Retirement should be done as early as possible” is the first essence, that is, to prepare and plan in advance, and use the power of time to build a “personal pension small treasury”. The improvement of the personal pension system this time is the “consciousness enlightenment” for young people to put personal pension on the agenda.

For a long time, the development of the three pillars of pensions in my country has been uneven. With the advent of an aging society, the burden of social pension funds has become heavier. The third pillar of the supplementary function of pension insurance is very urgent. After having the awareness to plan for a rainy day, investors need to understand and thoroughly understand the “rules of the game”. Different from the first pillar “pay-as-you-go system”, the biggest feature of the third pillar personal pension system is the “fund accumulation system”. As an individual investor, you must understand the two essentials of “mandatory savings” and “self-responsibility for profits and losses”.

The current publicity of personal pensions should not only make participants understand the “long-term” and prepare for long-term investment, but also understand that “long-term” means “closed”, that is, the personal reserves Part of the pension, in non-special circumstances, cannot be withdrawn before retirement. Only when the retirement age is reached or the labor force is lost, can the pension be transferred to the personal social security card on a monthly, installment or one-off basis.

What attracts the most attention from the public is whether pension assets can achieve the goal of “preserving and increasing value”. After all, decades of continuous investment in buying specific pension investment products is aimed at resisting inflation and even realizing value-added pension assets.

Considering the special requirements of pension financial products such as pension financial products on the stability of net worth and income growth, in the future, how will bank pension financial management allocate bonds, stocks, funds and other assets in a more stable manner, and how to effectively manage them? Waiting for operations to increase revenue is an important topic that financial management institutions participating in the third pillar need to focus on.

For individuals, personal pension does not mean “you can close your eyes and retire with money”. “Old”, only then can we really sing “Mo Dao Sang Yuwan, the sky is still full of clouds”.

(Securities Times)