There is cancer in the body, there are 3 obvious signs in the chest, if you find more than 2, it is recommended to check as soon as possible, don’t ignore it

Cancer is a disease that makes many people talk about it, because the mortality rate of cancer is relatively high. The reason why the mortality rate of cancer is so high is because Many patients are already in the advanced stage when they are diagnosed.

So most people are very panic when facing cancer. I don’t even have the confidence to fight cancer, and I have already failed before I started. I dare not try cancer-related treatments, and I am afraid that I will lose my life faster because of this.

Many cancers can be cured if detected early, so if you want to prevent cancer, You must always pay attention to the changes in your body, and if you find any abnormalities, you must be vigilant.

in vivo There are three signs of cancer in the chest. If you find more than two, it is recommended to check as soon as possible.

There is a lump in the chest

The tumor in the lung will protrude out of the chest cavity after it grows larger, and a lump will be felt in the chest. The signs indicate that the condition is already very serious, and it is likely that metastasis has occurred.

The tumor will stick to the normal tissue and cannot move left and right. If you find a lump in the chest, go to the hospital as soon as possible Don’t ignore the hospital for inspection.

Dull or dull chest pain

Lungs occupy most of the chest cavity. When there is pain in the lungs, the pain range will be relatively large. Many people think that the heart is uncomfortable, but it is not.

No chest pain Regularity, sometimes very mild, is a dull pain, sometimes it is more serious, like being hit hard by a hammer, and the pain will be more severe after coughing and exercise. At this time, it is suspected that there is a problem with the lungs.

Chest tightness

< p data-track="12">The lungs are mainly responsible for gas exchange. If they are invaded by cancer cells, it will be very difficult to output oxygen. The patient will feel chest tightness and often need to use force to inhale. Take a breath. After chest tightness, patients will feel lack of energy, as if they have not had a good rest, and feel very depressed.

If you find the above three conditions in your body, even if it accounts for two, you must pay attention to it. Go to the hospital for an examination in time, and the specific cause will only be known after the examination.

More and more non-smoking women get lung cancer, why?

Indoor decoration air pollution

In addition to outdoor air pollution, there are also certain pollutants indoors, and the pollution level is even higher than outdoors, such as paint, wardrobe adhesives, etc., which may contain ketones, aldehydes and other substances, which will Hazardous to human health.

kitchen fumes

< p data-track="18">There are some carcinogens in cooking oil fume and bituminous coal. When cooking food, a lot of oil fume may be produced. If you stay in an environment with high concentration of oil fume for a long time, It will cause strong irritation to the nose and throat and cause inflammation, and it will also have a certain impact on the lungs.

Emotional depression

Bad emotions may also induce the occurrence of cancer. Compared with men, women have greater mood swings, often depressed and depressed emotions, which are not conducive to physical health.

Secondhand Smoke< /span>

Secondhand smoke is also one of the risk factors for lung cancer. Passive smoking among women is very serious. If Women often smoke second-hand smoke, and also inhale harmful substances in tobacco, which may endanger health in the long run.

Secondhand smoke exposure can affect the development of infants and young children, the growth of adolescents, aggravate the condition of patients with respiratory diseases, and even cause lung cancer Increased incidence.

my country is a big country with lung cancer, there are many lung cancer patients, and the disease has unfortunately entered the advanced stage when it is discovered. The reason for this phenomenon may be the early symptoms of lung cancer, which are ignored by many people.