“Large liver injury” may be caught, the director of internal medicine suggests: these 7 things, please be merciful

The liver is one of the largest blood-storing metabolic organs in our body, and it has a very strong self-recovery and compensatory ability. Health has a big impact.

my country is a big country with liver disease, the number of patients with hepatitis B and liver cancer is very large, and the liver is a dumb organ. After the problem, it is difficult for the human body to quickly detect the abnormality, and it will only be discovered when you go to the hospital for an examination.

In fact, there is a problem with the liver, and the body is not helpless. If you find the following abnormalities in your body If so, check for poor liver function as soon as possible, especially those at high risk of liver disease should pay more attention.


The early symptoms of liver disease are as follows< /strong>

abdominal pain

When many people have abdominal pain, they think it is a stomach problem, but when the liver is severely damaged, abdominal pain will also occur. After excluding other causes, if there is always right upper quadrant pain , then we must pay attention to it, check liver function in time, and don’t keep procrastinating.

Eye pain, vision loss and other eye discomfort< /span>

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver governs the eyes. For people with poor liver, the eyes are also easily affected. If you experience eye discomfort such as eye pain and vision loss, don’t think it’s because you’re looking at your phone or computer. It might be a reminder to lower your liver fire in time.

The face is prone to chloasma

Female friends are prone to skin problems. If you have no skin problems before but suddenly develop chloasma, you must be more vigilant, especially Women who are always angry should pay more attention to the appearance of chloasma on the face, which may be a manifestation of poor liver function.


The “big liver injury” may be found out, the director of internal medicine suggests: this 7 things, please be merciful

The liver is also a digestive organ in the body, mainly responsible for digestion and Absorption, if the liver function is abnormal, it will affect the absorption and digestion of nutrients, and it will also affect the discharge of toxins and garbage. Known as a major liver injury.

High sugar diet such as cakes and desserts

For people with poor liver, a high-sugar diet provides too many calories, which can easily lead to excessive calorie intake by the liver, and excess calories in the body Excessive calories will increase the metabolic burden of the liver, and may also be converted into fat through liver metabolism. Excessive fat in the liver will induce fatty liver and other problems, and sugar is difficult to digest, which may cause flatulence.

Fried food

Fried food is crispy and crispy, very delicious, which greatly increases appetite, but these foods contain a lot of fat, and eating too much will increase the risk of fatty liver.

When food is cooked at high temperature, it may produce paste, substances and carcinogenic ingredients, which are very harmful to the health of the liver Unfavorable, so usually eat as little as possible.

Foods that contain aflatoxin

Diligence and thrift is a good habit of the Chinese people. Many people find that the steamed buns are moldy, and they will pull out the moldy parts and eat the rest , But often eating moldy food can damage the liver, because it may contain aflatoxin, and aflatoxin intake of more than 1 mg may cause cancer risk.

Spicy and hot

The liver is very easy to get angry, if you often eat spicy food , then it will lead to strong liver fire, so try to eat less chili, ginger, pepper, etc., if you find that you have a bad breath recently, oral ulcers, tinnitus and other symptoms, it may be that the liver fire has risen, and you should pay attention to protecting liver function.

High-fat foods such as animal offal< /p>

Often eating high-fat foods will increase the metabolic burden on the liver, causing discomfort in the body, and after excessive fat is metabolized by the liver, it is not timely When it is decomposed, it will be stored in the liver cells. Over time, it may develop into fatty liver, or even cirrhosis and liver cancer. Therefore, it is usually necessary to eat less high-fat foods such as animal offal.

Alcoholic beverages

Whether it is white wine, beer or red wine, you should drink less or not at ordinary times, because the entry of alcohol will directly stimulate and damage liver cells and induce liver function decline, so If you want your liver to be healthy, it is best not to drink at all.

Soak time Long fungi

When foaming fungus, dried shiitake mushrooms and other foods, if they foam If the method is not correct, harmful substances may grow. Try not to soak mushroom food for a long time, because Pseudomonas cocotoxin will be produced in it, which will decompose and produce aflatoxin and oryzinic acid. These substances can cause damage to liver cells and are very harmful to the liver.