Is it related to the liver to fart too much? Note: Too many farts may be related to 5 reasons

The formation of farts is actually closely related to the food you eat every day. There are many microorganisms and bacteria in the human stomach, and these microorganisms can help the stomach to digest.

Rice and other staple foods contain a lot of starch components. When starch is digested and decomposed, it will generate carbon dioxide. Meat food After the fat in it breaks down, it will generate irritating gases such as ammonia.

These gases are accumulated in the stomach, will move along the peristalsis of the intestines to the rectum, and finally be excreted , If the intestinal peristalsis is poor or the farts are held back, these unreleased farts will reverse into the stomach and be discharged from the mouth.

Is it related to the liver to fart too much?

The liver can secrete bile in the body to participate in the digestion and decomposition of food. If there is a lesion in the liver, it may induce weakened liver function and disturb the body secretion of digestive juices.

Because food cannot be digested and decomposed in time, it will stay in the body and continuously react with the intestinal flora. More metabolic waste will be produced, which needs to be excreted by farting.

Patients with liver disease tend to fart more. Under normal circumstances, the number of farts per day is about 5~ 10 or so. If you pass more than 20 farts for many consecutive days, it may be related to liver disease, and you need to go to the hospital for examination in time.

However, it may induce more farting The situation is not limited to this one. In addition to being related to liver disease, it may also be related to the following five reasons.

Note: Too many farts may be related to 5 reasons

Eat soy products and potatoes frequently

< span>If you often eat soy products and potatoes, you will have more farts, because these foods will continue to contribute gas after entering the intestinal tract, and people will obviously feel abdominal distension. It will be comfortable to go out, and it is impossible to relieve one or two farts. Only after many farts and the food is emptied can it be reduced.

Improper medication

When some people feel unwell, they will take some medicines containing calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. The stomach acid in it combines to generate carbon dioxide and other gases, and there are also some antibiotics such as rotamycin and gentamicin, which can also cause intestinal flora imbalance.

Presence of constipation

Some people’s intestinal tract is not healthy, there are a lot of old For old diseases, these aspects will not only increase the burden on the intestinal tract, but also slow down the peristaltic speed of the intestinal tract.

The feces will continue to ferment in the intestinal tract to produce gas, and the space in the intestinal tract is already very small. So much gas is also produced, so there will be an increase in farting.

I usually have bad eating habits< /p>

In life, when eating, some people take small, elegant bites and eat slowly.In this way, I always like to watch videos and laugh when I see funny ones.

When eating, if always If you laugh, the air will be sucked into the body, and the air will always find a way to get out, thus forming a fart. If you always eat big mouthfuls when eating, it is easy to inhale air.

Bowel problems

If there is an intestinal disease, it will affect the intestinal peristalsis, digestion and absorption. After the food is accumulated in the body, the bacteria will decompose and produce gas. Under normal circumstances, the farts released will smell like rotten eggs.

If you have blood in your stool, abdominal pain, sudden weight loss, or a lump in your abdomen, you should go to the hospital for an examination as soon as possible , See if there is a larger problem in the intestine.

Why do some people fart all day long, while others don’t fart at all?

People who fart a lot usually digest faster

Everyone’s physique is different. Some people digest quickly and have active intestinal peristalsis, so more gas is produced in the body, which is then excreted in the form of farts. Digestion is not good People generally have the problem of abdominal distension, and they can’t let it go even if they want to let it go.

Some people eat light food, some people like to eat meat

For people who eat a balanced diet and like to be vegetarian, the feces they excrete are usually not too smelly, and they fart less. For people who eat a lot of fish and meat, and have more protein and fat, not only will their farts be more, but they will also be more smelly. But when eating vegetables, you should also eat less onions, leeks, garlic, soybeans and other foods, because these foods will increase the number of farts.

and Intestinal disease related

If the intestinal flora is stable, the gas produced in the body is more If there is inflammation or intestinal adhesion in the intestinal tract, more gas will be produced, which is not only too much, but also very smelly, and even affects excretion. At this time, it is necessary to treat it as soon as possible.