If hyperlipidemia is detected, please quit the following 4 things, and do 3 things well to avoid soaring blood lipids, hope everyone knows

Three high diseases include hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia. case, probably not particularly concerned.

Hyperlipidemia is actually a very terrible disease. If it is not treated and adjusted in time, it is easy to Cause coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and other symptoms, the consequences are also very serious.

If hyperlipidemia is detected, please quit the following 4 things

【1】High-fat food< /span>

In many cases, the cause of increased blood lipids is related to excessive fat intake. A large amount of fat accumulates in the body, which can easily lead to Elevated blood concentration will affect blood circulation and lead to increased blood lipids, so I don’t want to be troubled by high blood lipids. I hope you can eat as little or no high-fat food as possible.

【2】High cholesterol foods< /p>

Some elderly people should not be unfamiliar with cholesterol. In their cognition, cholesterol is a very scary ingredient. Excessive intake of cholesterol is indeed likely to cause damage to vascular health, and it is also easy to increase the risk of hyperlipidemia. I hope you can pay special attention.

【3】 High-salt food

Some people have a strong taste, and they don’t realize it when cooking If you often eat high-salt food, it is easy to cause irritation to the blood vessels, causing the blood vessels to harden and lose their elasticity, which is not conducive to maintaining the stability of blood lipids. Try to focus on a light diet.

【4】Foods with a lot of sugar

The so-called foods with a lot of sugar are generally sweets, all kinds of sweets are really delicious, and It also makes many people can’t put it down, but eating sweets often will not only affect the stability of blood sugar, but also may cause blood lipids to lose control. Keep your mouth shut and you will win.

Do Good 3 things, avoid soaring blood lipids, hope everyone knows

Drink more tea:

The history of Chinese tea drinking can be traced back thousands of years ago. Some weak teas contain relatively rich nutrients, such as tea polyphenols It is only helpful to assist stability, so after suffering from hyperlipidemia, in addition to following the doctor’s advice and cooperating with treatment, you can also consider drinking more tea in daily life.

Lifestyle changes:

The reason why people suffer from hyperlipidemia is very likely to have a lot to do with some daily life, for example, people have bad behavior habits in daily life, All of them may lead to abnormalities in certain indicators in the body, so after suffering from hyperlipidemia, I hope you can make appropriate changes in your lifestyle.

Regular physical examination:

Because hyperlipidemia is a chronic disease, if you are told that you have symptoms of hyperlipidemia, you should not ignore the physical examination Yes, regular physical examination can judge whether the effect of drug treatment for a period of time is obvious, and at the same time, you can know the fluctuation of your own blood lipids.

Elevated blood lipids often have the following manifestations, early knowing and early good

  • Dizziness and headache

Because hyperlipidemia is a cardiovascular and cerebrovascular Therefore, if there is an increase in blood lipids, the most common manifestation is dizziness and headache, so if you feel that the dizziness and headache are very obvious within a period of time, I hope you don’t take it seriously anymore, it is best to go to the hospital in time The hospital conducts relevant inspections.

  • Unilateral limb numbness

There was a rise in blood lipids The problem of height may also be accompanied by unilateral limb numbness to a certain extent, so if you do not maintain a posture for a long time and cause your limbs to be oppressed, but you still have persistent numbness, you should also be vigilant.

  • Drooling on one side while sleeping

When sleeping, if the posture is not correct and the mouth is slightly open, then it is likely to be accompanied by flow Drooling, but if you have a single drooling problem almost every night when you sleep, then you need to pay more attention, it is likely to be related to elevated blood lipids.

  • < span>Cold hands and feet

If there is a problem of elevated blood lipids, then It may lead to increased blood concentration, which affects normal blood circulation. The end of blood circulation cannot obtain the required blood and nutrients, and our hands and feet are located at the end of blood circulation, so we can pay more attention to the health of hands and feet. Cold hands and feet are also signs of out of control blood pressure.

Some people have heard that you can’t eat eggs after suffering from hyperlipidemia, is it credible?

Eggs are a kind of food that we often eat in our daily life, which contain more than a dozen nutrients needed by the human body, so in daily life Eating eggs in moderation can bring many benefits to the body.

The reason why some people heard that they should not eat eggs after suffering from hyperlipidemia is because people found that eggs contain certain cholesterol.

I have to admit, The yolk of eggs does contain certain cholesterol, but this does not mean that eggs cannot be eaten.

If you don’t eat any eggs or eat very few eggs, you may miss a lot of nutrients, so highPatients with blood lipids can eat eggs completely.

Although egg yolk contains cholesterol, its cholesterol content is relatively low and generally does not affect blood lipid levels Level.

Eat in daily life When eating eggs, under the premise of controlling the intake, generally it will not cause much harm to the body, so I hope you can pay special attention and don’t blindly refuse.

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