There is a Changsha Village in Taiwan Province, netizens: Open a stinky tofu shop in the past

August 5th, what is the most popular, it must be the map of Taiwan Province. Many netizens said that by searching for Taiwan Province on the map, you can see the complete map displayed, accurate to the kind of streets, traffic lights, bus and subway, gourmet stores and convenience stores.

Topic#Map can display every street in Taiwan Province # “Explosion” on the hot search.

In this map, netizens found many bright spots, for example, many streets in Taipei are named after mainland cities, Nanjing East Road, Chongqing North Road, Hangzhou South Road, Chengdu Road…

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Enlarge the map of Taipei, you can see many familiar and friendly restaurants, such as Liuzhou snail noodles, Shanxi knife-cut noodles, and even netizens commented that “I want to go to Taiwan Province to eat Shanxi knife-cut noodles” “.

Some netizens found that Changsha was actually on the map of Taiwan Province.

The reporter opened the map and found that there is a place called Changsha Village in Changhua County.

Some netizens said that they opened a stinky tofu shop in the past.

There was also a Changsha town in Guizhou before, which also made netizens almost take the wrong car.

Changsha is worthy of being an internet celebrity, making people love it deeply.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Wang Chacha

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