There are three people in the family, ruining the family tradition: these people come to your house, it is best to keep them out

In the social field, there is such a principle that everyone agrees with:Don’t bring it home when making friends is something outside.

It is the freedom of each of us to deal with, discuss business with, and make friends with. It is the nature of human beings to “group” with each other.

It’s just that, for the passers-by who socialize outside, we must never not take them home, Don’t even tell others where you live. Otherwise, these people will bring us unnecessary trouble.

Outside matters, it is best to solve them outside. People outside, it is best to get along outside. Family, that is the place where blood relatives live, there should be no smell of outsiders.

Many people will say, why do you have to be so harsh? Even if you bring an outsider home, is it really that serious?

With the complexity of the world and the unfavorable environment, people’s hearts have gradually become unpredictable. What I did became more and more magical. At this time,Bringing outsiders home is tantamount to leading wolves into the house.

It is impossible for us to fully understand the hearts of people who are as ruthless as “wolves, tigers and leopards”. That being the case,Do not let outsiders enter or leave our home, this is the most basic bottom line.

There are three people in the house, it must be bitter. If these people come to visit your house, it is best to turn them all away.

1. Someone with hostility comes to your house , it is best to keep it out.

It is best to have three qi in a family,The first is harmonious qi, the second The first is the air of tranquility, and the third is the air of stability.

These three kinds of “Qi” in the final analysis represent the “peace” of the family. A family that lacks peace will probably quarrel endlessly, and the relationship between family members will become worse and worse.

Some people are wondering, the breath of tranquility has disappeared, what kind of breath is replacing it? That is “hostility”. Once the hostility appears, people’s temperament will change, and everyone is like a restless powder keg.

The root of hostility is that people with “hostility” come to our home, both< /span>Affects the magnetic field of the family, and also interferes with the relationship between family members, thus causing great damage to the family as a whole.

When it comes to the “magnetic field” of the family, we should think of the human magnetic field. The magnetic field of the family is harmonious and gentle. The magnetic field of outsiders is mostly irritable and hostile. So, we have to guard against it.

People who don’t have hostility go home and don’t let them visit. This is not fickleness, but a kind of “self-preservation”.

Second, people from the “Nest” come to your house , it is best to keep it out.

As the saying goes: “He who talks about right and wrong is right and wrong.”

People who come to us to talk about right and wrong are usually “disasters” with right and wrong. They are like a “right and wrong making machine” and will only bring us conflicts and hatred.

For example, some relatives who always like to “spawn discord” come to our home, their first Saying “bad things” about someone at a moment’s notice destroys our relationship with someone.

If we put these words After listening to it, I feel that a relative around me is not good, and the family “fighting in the nest” will appear, and these relatives who “stove discord” can watch the show.

These people, although they don’t get much, they just don’t want others to live in peace.Therefore,“For fear that the world will not be chaotic”They will cause trouble everywhere, even if their reputation is particularly bad.

Family should be a quiet and peaceful place. Although there are certain conflicts, it will not affect the family’s feelings. As for the villains who advocate “fighting in the nest”, it is time to drive them out. They are not Nice guy.

Third, “resentful” people Coming to your house will ruin the family’s blessing.

There is a kind of people who are particularly disgusting, and that is people like “resentful women”.

Appropriate complaints are not a bad thing, but can pour out the bitterness in your heart. And excessive complaining is a bad thing. When something is taken to an extreme, it will have a “reverse” effect.

I have seen some people who are mother-in-law or daughter-in-law, always like to bring some so-called outsiders home to “vomit bitterness “, or “talk about right and wrong”. This is actually not very good.

Some people will vomit more and more bitterness. Once this outsider has bad intentions, he will choose to “fan the flames” and encourage you to do some extreme things.

There is a family in the community, and the in-laws have tens of millions of assets. And their daughter-in-law, after hearing what a certain girlfriend said, that her husband was not worth getting along with, she took the initiative to divorce her husband. Now, she is living a miserable life alone.

Others will do everything possible to mess up your life when they see that you are doing well. If you believe these “resentful” people, then your life will be really difficult. In the future, you will regret it after all.


Write to the end

Some people are noble people who come to us just to help us. And some people are villains, who come to us only to revenge and hurt us, without any good intentions.

The so-called “painting a cat and a tiger is difficult to draw a bone, knowing the face but not the heart.”< /p>

The heart of a secular person is the most difficult to guess. What purpose do other people have, what do they want to do, and whose family they want to destroy? How can we predict this?

It is better to reduce unnecessary contacts with outsiders than to understand other people’s hearts.

For the stability of the family and the peace of life, it is best not to invite these people into our house. Otherwise, bitterness will arise, blessings will be exhausted, and disasters will come unexpectedly.

Text/Deer in Shushan