The old drifters will become the destination of the new generation of old people, and the difficulties in old age start from the age of 60

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In recent years, such a term has gradually appeared on the Internet-Lao Piaozu.

Which group is this “old drifter”?

As we all know, when young people go to Beijing to work hard, they are the North Piao family; if they work hard in Shanghai, they are the Shanghai Piao family; That is the Deep Drifters.

Old drifters, in fact, are related to the northern drifters, Shanghai drifters, and deep drifters mentioned above. Because the old drifters are mostly the parents of these young people who are wandering in big cities.

For the old drifters, Baidu Encyclopedia explained that,In order to support the career of children and take care of the third Old people who leave their hometowns and come to big cities where their children work.

Children go to big cities to work hard, and get married and have children in big cities, then as parents, they have to come to big cities The city helps them bring up their babies. Otherwise, how can children who are busy with work have time to take care of their children?

Withrural hollowing,, span>The trend of urban congestion is gradually intensifying. Countless young people and middle-aged people will flee from their relatively backward hometowns. City, hoping to reverse its fortunes.

Even if they cannot reverse their own destiny, they still hope that their offspring can grow up in big cities. Therefore, they themselves, as well as their parents, have become “Drafters” , miserable.


There is such a point of view on the Internet:The vast majority of middle-aged and elderly people in rural areas are likely to face the fate of “old drifters”.

According to the traditional concept, people with strong hometown complex will generally not leave their hometown or go to other places The cities that are built usually end up in their homeland, withering like fallen leaves.

This traditional “homeland concept” originated from a closed and inconvenient small-scale peasant society. In modern times with advanced technology and convenient transportation, people’s concept of homeland seems to have changed.

Young people are unwilling to return to their hometowns, and would rather work hard in big cities than take root in big cities. If the first-tier cities are crowded, then the second-tier cities will be crowded. If the second-tier cities are crowded, then crowd the capital city of your hometown.

Essentially speaking, the desire of the younger generation to get out of the “mountain” has become stronger and stronger.

Since they are working hard in big cities, getting married and having children, who should take care of the children? Leave it to the nanny to take care of, don’t worry, and don’t have the spare money. I had no choice but to find my parents in my hometown.

For parents who have not yet retired, let them retire early. Parents who have retired bring them to live in big cities for the purpose of raising their own children. Parents are too embarrassed to refuse, so they can only become a new generation of “free nanny”.

Imagine, when people get old, they can’t go back to their hometown, and they can’t integrate into the life of the city. Yet?


Why don’t the “old drifters” know how to reject their children? At the same time, what problems will they encounter when they come to the big city?

Rejecting children is something ordinary parents cannot do. According to their temperament, they would rather suffer themselves than their children. So, even if they let them empty their homes and become free babysitters, they don’t care.

I have seen such a case, which shows the plight and sadness of the “old drifters”.

Mr. Zhang is 35 years old this year. A few years ago emptied his parents’ coffin book, Married and had children in the provincial capital city, and bought a house at the same time.

After Mr. Zhang and his wife gave birth to a child, Mr. Zhang found that he could not support his family by working alone, so his wife also If you have to go to work, there will be no one to take care of the child.

Thinking over and over again, Mr. Zhang still had the cheek to beg his mother to come to a big city to help them raise their baby.

When the elderly came to the big city, they found that everything was very strange.Without friends, the more they live, the more lonely they become , and he is not familiar with the surrounding environment, so he dare not go out casually for fear of causing trouble to his son.

The most heartbreaking thing isThe old mother and the old father live in two places and the number of times they meet Also less.

If love is still a small matter, then material economy is a big one. The old man does not have local medical insurance, and he dare not go to the hospital for any illness, for fear of increasing the burden on his son. Therefore, the elderly can only endure it all the time, and the more they live, the more they feel that old age is meaningless.


The difficulties in old age start from the age of 60.

When you reach sixty, you can enjoy family happiness and live a peaceful life in your familiar hometown. Now, the family happiness is gone, and there are more things to worry about.

It’s okay if you are a local in a big city, at least the elderly don’t have to become “old drifters”. However, judging from the distribution of urban and rural populations, there are still a large number of middle-aged and elderly people living in rural areas.

The elderly have lived in their hometown all their lives, and suddenly they are asked to travel thousands of miles to live in a new environment. Perhaps, this is the so-called “torture in old age”.

Of course, they don’t have any qualifications to choose. If they don’t go, the pressure on the children will increase, and it will be difficult to take care of the children.

Especially today, it is absolutely impossible for the husband to work alone to support the family. Only when both husband and wife are 996 and go to work can they support a family. Since both the husband and wife have gone to work, the task of raising the baby can only be left to the elderly.

When I was 50, I was still looking forward to 60 You can live happily ever after. When I was 60 years old, I realized that my “helpless” life was still going on. I can only comfort myself, and helping my children to take care of the baby is also a kind of contribution.

When people are old, they not only emptied the coffin, but also moved away from their homeland, and became a free nanny. The old drifters will eventually become the helpless destination of countless rural elderly.

Text/Deer in Shushan